• Dionisio Garcia

    About OMB

    December 4, 2018 by Dionisio Garcia

    As I said I would, I'm making a post about OMB.

    Before I begin, I'd like to make one things clear.

    This post isn't being directed at anyone, but is being used as a PSA.

    Anyway, if you're reading this, than that means you care about what I have to say, thank you.

    If you don't care, then I don't know why you're bothering to read this, but thank you too.

    Now for those who do care, or dont, or whatever, I am not finished with OMB.

    I am merely taking a break from it & rethinking it over.

    My new series, Ultima Arena, isn't meant to be a replacement for OMB.

    But a substitute, to take over until I get back to OMB.

    As for Ultima Arena's future, well, somtimes, substitutes get hired to teach full-time.

    So who knows, I may end up keeping Ultima Arena even afte…

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