Chrixie wearing her Mother's armor, wielding one of her Mother's weapons, & wearing her Father's scarfed cloak.

Chrixie is a 27 year-old female human who is roughly 5'9 and weighs about 176 pounds. She generally wears her Mother's white armor she inherited from her along with her Father's scarf he gave to her when she was a little girl.



As a little girl, Chrixie was a very quiet and timid child who only tried to not get in the way of her busy Father, which wasn't easy considering his important position in the military. She lacked any real memories of her Mother, but looked like her when she was young. Due to her Father always being away, she spent a majority of her time with her older brother, whom she quickly grew a liking to. Chrixie & Blade got along rather well, even in their youngest years. Like all siblings, they have argued and fought, but nothing too serious has ever happened between them. As she grew up, she became less shy & timid and eventually was able to actually talk to people.

However, she still had a looming thought in her mind, that she would never be as good as her Father or her Mother. As she finally was about to enter her adulthood, Chrixie finally was able to hold her own against her brother, which was very surprising for both of them. This small moment in time actually had made her much more brave and open-minded than she was before. She began to fear less of what she once feared greatly, being insignificant. As an adult, Chrixie became much less timid then she was before, she started becoming able to talk to others and hold a conversation without getting scared or uncomfortable. While her brother became very cold and calculating while being mostly concerned with becoming stronger and smarter, Chrixie became more open and trusting to others and started to gain more wisdom and courage. However, even now, there's still a part of her that doubts herself.



Born as the younger child of two total and losing her Mother shortly after childbirth, Chrixie had it rather rough in her childhood. Since her Father was away on his duties for most of the year, her only form of communication with him was via letters she wrote him and, if she was lucky, the few he could find the time to write back. Because of this, she and her older brother, known as Blade to most, lived with their grandparents since their Father was always busy and rarely had time to visit. The most she ever saw of her Father was on Christmas, when he'd have an entire 2-3 weeks to spend time with them. Chrixie also went to the same school as Blade, just three years after him. Chrixie went to school, not even knowing why the other kids didn't pick on her once they find out who she's the daughter of. As far as Chrixie was concerned back then, her dad is simply her dad, one of two boys she knew that would protect her with their life, the other one being her brother. She had no idea just WHO her dad really was and what he did in his lifetime, just how important he was to the people she knew. Eventually, the truth came out.

Around the time when Chrixie was 14, she was told by Blade after he found out from some of his teachers in high school. She learned of how her dad fought as a young teenager in the last war and how he struck down an entire army by himself to save their Mother from her imprisonment, how he became the youngest general in the history of the military due to his advanced skills he possessed even as a teen. While this made Blade feel like he was inadequate for a while, this actually served as a push to Chrixie, it made her want to show her Father what she could do using her abilities. (As a matter of fact, it was Chrixie being willing to try that made Blade decide to try) When Chrixie was just 17, she graduated from school and entered the same special training as Blade did. She graduated from Class F, FF, FFF, D, DD, DDD, C, CC, CCC, B, BB, BBB, A, AA, AAA, S, SS, & SSS before she finally completely graduated & finally went back home to her Father & Brother, having become the fourth member of the family to pass the elite training.

More recently, Chrixie asked her uncle, Ashura, to join the Circle's ranks, which was granted to her.



Super Intelligence

Chrixie was born with uncommon intelligence.

Super Agility

Chrixie was born with uncommon agility.

Super Leaping

Chrixie was born with an uncommon leaping ability.

Super Flexibility

Chrixie was born with an uncommon talent for being flexible.

Super Reflexes

Chrixie was born with uncommon reflexes, being able to dodge bullets with ease.

Super Stamina

Chrixie was born with uncommon stamina reserves.

Enhanced Athleticism

Chrixie was born with enhanced athletic abilities that she has perfected.

Enhanced Dexterity

Chrixie was born with enhanced dexterity that she has perfected.

Enhanced Intuition

Chrixie was born with enhanced intuition, which she perfected at a young age.


Chrixie has had the ability to foresee the future since she was born. However, she feared this power greatly, so she shunned it for a long time. It wasn't until recently, when she was 20 years old, when she finally decided to try to understand and control it's power. As of now, she is still working on mastering it.

Astral Projection

Chrixie was born with the ability to use astral projection, and she used it the most during her childhood to look for her brother or father whenever she couldn't see them. However, there is a somewhat downside to this ability for Chrixie. The entire time's she's been growing up, no one has actually seen her astral form. This makes her wrongly believe that no one can see her in that state.


Chrixie was born with telepathy, although she wasn't sure how to use it for a while. Eventually, she figured it out around the time she was 10 and has been using it ever since.


Chrixie originally didn't know she possessed the power of telekinesis, she didn't learn of it's existence until she was already in her twenties, making it her least-skilled power in her entire arsenal. When Chrixie finally unlocked this power, she showed great power in it despite never using it before, like lifting an entire town into the air in order to keep it away from the battle between her & her opponent. It is believed that the combination of her natural quick learning & high mental strength allows her to grow this power much faster than an average user.


Chrixie's uncommon power of psychometry actually terrified her as a child. She was unable to control it and was frequently learning things just by touching any random thing she happened to walk by. This led to her wearing gloves in order to nullify the effect. Around the age of 14-15, Chrixie was finally able to control this power and started going without her gloves.


Chrixie's uncommon power of clairvoyance also terrified her as a child. However, it scared her much less and she actually had rather potent control over it for her young age. As she grew up, she feared it much less and started using it much more. Using it, she was able to see the images she saw inside her imagination and project them for others to see. She was starting to love how her imagination was basically coming to life for her in order to describe something for her. By the time she was 12-13, Chrixie had mastered this.

Summoning Magic

This is the only known skill that Chrixie was actually taught rather than simply being born with. Just like her brother before her, she too went to her Aunt Xia. She asked her Aunt to teach her something that her brother didn't know, and Xia obliged with one of the schools she didn't teach Blade, Summoning Magic. Due to her ability to quickly learn new things, Chrixie was quickly able to advance through this school of magic. While Chrixie easily learned the standard summons, the special ones would take her much more time.

Standard Summons









Pegasus & Unicorn





























High Summons

Belias (Aries)

The fire being that looks half-man and half-ram, a man's body with 2 smaller arms & 2 bigger arms, with which he wields a massive spear to battle with. Belias, when summoned, forms a great crack in the ground, a huge fissure, and then he jumps out of it while fire erupts from within it. He lands on the back-tip of his huge spear, which lands tip-first into the ground prior to him, before creating a giant fireball above the area he's in. Belias then hops off of his spear before lifting it and using it to slice the fireball open, which spills out molten lava onto all enemies below in a fiery attack called "Inferno".

Famfrit (Aquarius)

The water being that looks akin to a floating living armor that carries a massive ewer, filled to the brim with overflowing water, over it's huge shoulders. Famfrit, when summoned, forms as a small bubble out of the ground before floating out & taking it's physical form, where it floats above the ground, and then swinging it's giant ewer, which is kind of like a heavy vase, around the area, which can knock down entire structures if they're not sturdy. After swinging the ewer around for a few seconds, Famfrit pulls it back before throwing it forward, where it suddenly launches a gigantic wall of water that explodes on contact with the first thing it hits in a destructive attack called "High Tide".

Chaos (Taurus)

The wind being that looks like a man with the head of a bull that sits on it's pedestal in constant meditation as it's four swords float around it and act on it's will alone. Chaos, when summoned, will touch down from a thundercloud in the form of a teal-colored tornado before crossing it's arms and summoning it's four swords around it. He then creates a giant glyph on the ground before using his four swords to stab the corners of the glyph, causing the center to light up with a mysterious magical light as Chaos himself floats over the center and then spreads his arms out before tornadoes begins to form around the entire massive glyph. All of them combine into a gargantuan tornado that then glows brightly before exploding into mess of colors in an attack called "Maelstrom".

Hashmal (Leo)

The earth being that looks like a cross of a muscular man and a lion, with a muscular man's body & a giant lion's head with a pale white mane that has streaks of crimson in it. Most interestingly, it's hands are donned with gigantic golden metal claws that are clearly oversized. Hashmal, when summoned, will tear his way out of the ground and then pull himself out to stand beside Chrixie, his footsteps leaving footprints made of lava behind him. He then stomps on the ground, causing the ground beneath the foes to give way, causing them to fall into a deep chasm that has then land on a small piece of land surrounded by a massive pool of lava. Hashmal then jumps down with the foe and closes the way back up with falling rocks that all fall down on top of the targets, crushing them in an attack called "Burial".

Mateus (Pisces)

The ice being that looks like a strange clothes hanger, one as black as the night sky, that has a mermaid-like woman crucified on it who wields a huge trident made from solid black ice. The strange-looking being also is rather small for summon standards, being roughly the 2nd smallest out of all of them. Mateus, when summoned, forms a giant crystal of ice in the sky that it appears inside of, where it begins moving before it melts out of the crystal in the form of a water trail before slithering out of the sky and flowing beside Chrixie as it welds back together into it's normal physical form once again & snow forms at it's feet as the air around it chills & snow begins to fall from the sky & settle on the ground. It then aims & throws it's trident at the ice crystal in the sky like an icy javelin and causes it to shatter into millions of razor-sharp pieces that then rain down on the enemies in an attack called "Hailstorm".

Adrammelech (Capricorn)

The lightning being that looks kinda like a goat standing on it's back legs that has talon-like claws on it's hands, two giant horns on it's head, and two giant feathery wings on it's back that allows it to fly constantly. Adrammelech, when summoned, will first create a group of thunderclouds before distant thunder booms & usually terrifies enemies. He then flies down from the thunderclouds as lightning crashes down everywhere around the summoning area & thunder begins to boom, but louder this time. As Adrammelech touches the ground, thunder begins to boom everywhere around him even louder than before as he flaps his massive wings while in the air beside Chrixie, causing thunderbolts that shake the very foundations of the world. He then roars in anger as lightning begins blasting the ground & crackling through the sky everywhere around him at once, striking every foe in his area with massive thunderbolts multiple times in an attack called "Thunderstorm".

Rafflisia (Virgo)

The nature being that looks like a giant walking plant with a single giant white bud & 3 medium-sized pink buds, the giant white one, strangely enough, opens up to reveal a feminine figure wearing white robes & being covered in vines & thorns when it takes it's true form. Rafflisia, when summoned, will sprout out of the ground, cracking through the dirt, pavement, roads, & even floors if summoned while inside, before attaching it's tendrils to the floor, walls, ceiling, or anywhere it can get a firm grip. It then will spit a mysterious pink liquid that upon touching the ground, will slightly melt into the ground before suddenly growing a huge magical forest as the giant white bulb opens and a rather beautiful woman walks out of it, her footsteps causing grass to grow where she walks as she takes her place beside Chrixie. She then uses the forest's natural healing energy to restore Chrixie's health & cure any status ailments that has been afflicted on her with an attack called "Healing Forest".

Vinuskar (Sagittarius)

The metal being that looks like a 3-headed winged horse made out of pure metal. Vinuskar, when summoned, will first appear as a gigantic melting pot that floats down from the sky. The melting pot will then start to shake as lava begins to drip out of it before a huge glowing-hot claw rises out of the pot and grips the side of the pot. Then, another glowing-hot claw comes out and grabs the other side before both claws then pull in unison to reveal a gigantic half-dragon & half-horse head, then another two heads come snaking out as Vinuskar's fiery metal wings also spring out of the pot. Vinuskar then flies out of the giant melting pot, still glowing-hot all over it's metallic body, which looks like a fiery metallic winged horse that has the scales of a dragon all over it's body. Vinuskar then roars with all three of it's heads as it lands in front of Chrixie & takes a defensive position, guarding her for a few seconds with it's massive body before grabbing it's own melting pot and pouring some of it's lava over the enemies in an aptly-named attack called "Melting Pot".

Chuculainn (Scorpio)

The life being that looks like a large scorpion with 4 eyes, 2 on it's head and another on the outer sides of both of it's pincers. It also possesses two very large, very thin wings, like those of a dragonfly's. Chuculainn, when summoned, rises up out of a dune of sand that it creates, where it uncovers itself & prepares it's gigantic pincers to strike as it pulls it's monstrous stinger out of the dune as well and proceeds to shake the dirt free before it then hovers above the ground and slowly lumbers over beside Chrixie before landing on the ground & saying something in the ancient language of the espers, which very few humans can understand, & since Chrixie isn't one of them, it just sounds like gibberish to her, causing her to usually pay it little mind as the giant scorpion stabs it's stinger into the ground, where it transfers it's own lifelike energy into the ground beneath it and revives a fallen ally with an attack called "Resurrection".

(For those wondering, the "gibberish" translates to "From beyond Death, come forth & live again, the Summoner calls your soul back from Paradise"!)

Zalera (Gemini)

The death being that looks like a giant beast of a black raven with blood-red eyes before transforming into a skeletal werewolf that wears a leathery black cloak with the collar pulled up around it's neck area and wields a black scythe that has crimson runes etched into it's wicked blade. Zalera, when summoned, flies in as it's raven form before taking it's werewolf form that howls as it falls from the sky, landing beside Chrixie as it howls again and takes a sinister stance. It then says to her in telepathy "Innocence is purity, & I shall wipe away corruption", which Chrixie can actually understand since it's in English. Zalera will then summon a giant hammer before creating a huge black bell that seems to be made out of the shadows themselves above the enemies, also known as the dirge bell, before ringing it with the hammer. Ringing the bell causes a gigantic purple shockwave that hits all enemies for massive damage & also has a 50/50 chance of causing instant death in an attack called "Death Knell".

Exodus (Libra)

The time being that looks like an old man wearing heavy golden armor along with a glorious white beard sitting on an old & sturdy throne that has multiple medium-sized meteors swirling around him in orbit. Exodus, when summoned, first appears as a gigantic golden hourglass that kinda just appears in the middle of the sky, casting afterimages around it as it glows, causing time to slightly distort as the bottom of it also seemingly opens up like a door that rises up from the bottom. Then, out of that doorway, two golden hands emerge, pulling the time being out of it's hourglass as it floats out, being just an upper body with two attached arms. Exodus then will yawn before attaching itself to the top of the hourglass, which closes it's door as Exodus suddenly starts glowing with a golden light as it takes it's true form, with the hourglass turning into his legs and a throne made of solid gold appearing beneath him as numerous meteors begin to circle around him like the planets around the sun. Exodus then will send all twenty of the meteors soaring into the sky, where he then combines them all together into four gargantuan ones, made from five of the other ones apiece, that come crashing down from the skies above the target as he stops time for the enemies, giving them no chance to escape or counterattack, before dropping the meteors on them in a devastating attack called "Grand Delta".

Zeromus (Cancer)

The space being that looks like a gigantic purple crab that floats in the air. He also possesses the pincers of a crab, but one of them is roughly the size of a bear cub & looks like a human hand while the other is massive, even bigger than most rhino & looks like a monstrous pincer. Zeromus, when summoned, first manifests himself as a huge purple orb that seemingly fades into existence before touching the ground, where a huge purple glyph appears as an otherworldly energy drifts out of it. Then, a hand rises out of the glyph like a zombie as the rest of the body starts to slowly be pulled out. Then, once the entire body has been pulled out, still covered in purple "juices", Zeromus will suddenly reach one of it's arms into the glyph, where it pulls out the gigantic pincer and forcibly attaches it to it's own arm, tearing into it's own flesh as it does so. Zeromus then roars as a ball of purple energy appears inside of it's pincer arm as it's glowing with otherworldly energy, which Zeromus is aiming towards the enemies with it's human-like arm before firing a giant purple blast at the foes, which arcs over all of them before stopping behind them and suddenly collapsing into a wormhole that sucks the enemies into one of Zeromus's pocket dimensions, where he crushes the entire pocket dimension with the enemies still inside of it in an extremely powerful attack called "Dimension Zero".

Zodiark (Ophiuchus)

The being made of both holy & darkness that looks like a half-black & half-white angelic being. It possesses four arms, two white arms on it's black side & two black arms on it's white side. It always has two of it's arms crossed, usually one of it's white arms & one of it's black arms both. The other two arms, usually the other white arm & black arm, are always at it's sides unless it's attacking. On it's back, it possesses eight gigantic wings, four of which are all black & are on the white half of it's back. It's other four wings are all white & are on the black half of it's back. Above it's head rests a halo, which changes between being bright white & pitch black depending on which state it's in at the time, and attached to it's rear is a pointed tail, like that of a demon's. Zodiark, when summoned, will appear as thunderclouds fill the sky, radiating intense lightning that's striking the ground multiple times every second while destroying entire cities with it's overwhelming power as eight massive tornadoes appear around the area, all circling together & slowly closing in on a single point. While that's happening, the earth will begin to shake violently as the ground splits into countless fissures as fire begins spewing out of them in the form of multiple gigantic lava geysers, each one dotting the landscape in a way that, when viewed from above, makes a strange marking on the ground. As that's happening, a great line of water will start to swirl into the area, snaking it's way across the sky as it pours down countless deluges onto the civilizations below it while a polar chill sweeps through the area, causing gigantic hail bigger than bowling balls to fall from the sky amidst the waves, thunderbolts, & raining fire from the geysers. Then, all of the lava from the geysers, all of the splits in the earth, all of the water that was flying through the sky, all of the ice that was falling as gigantic pieces of hail, all of thunderbolts that were destroying entire cities, & all of the massive tornadoes all meet in a center focal point, where they all collide and Zodiark emerges from the mass of elements as the entire apocalyptic situation seems to suddenly cease to be. As Zodiark unfurls it's massive wings, a bright light befalls the entire world while an angelic choir is heard in the background as it's halo flashes bright white. Zodiark then flexes it's wings as it unwraps it's demonic-looking tail from around it's waist, which it was wearing like a belt, and then slowly descends to the ground, almost seemingly as falling rather than floating as the angelic choir fades away, along with the glow of it's halo. As an evil-sounding chanting is heard, it's halo begins to turn pitch black as it touches the ground, it's feet alone causing the ground to tremble with fear, the chanting ending at the same time, as it stands beside Chrixie, who actually whispers "Oh my God" as Zodiark's halo turns dark grey and it crosses it's arms & prepares to battle.

(Note: Zodiark's attack changes depending on which form it's in when Chrixie asks it to use it's Final Attack)

White Zodiark

Zodiark will start off by dazzling the enemies with a bright flash of light that transports them into another realm as it says to Chrixie "Fare thee well, Summoner" before teleporting to the same realm as it sent the enemies. Once there, Zodiark will shower the enemies with a barrage of divine light that burns through nearly anything with it's piercing holiness. Meanwhile, Zodiark will also start calling upon it's army of angels, who start flying around the enemies and attacking them with holy attacks of their own as Zodiark grows to gargantuan size and unleashes an even more gargantuan beam of divine light down upon the enemies, completely vaporizing them all in a great flash of light as an entire solar system fades out of existence from the sheer power of the blast in an attack called "Divine Lights".

Black Zodiark

Zodiark will suddenly trap the enemy inside a dark-tinted prism made of a solid black light before causing them to float into the air, where it flies after them after nodding to Chrixie & saying "Don't be afraid to call upon my terrible power whenever you need it, Summoner". Zodiark then rips open it's own chest, revealing a second head that growls with an ear-piercing, bone-chilling, scream before it unleashes a great beam of darkness that strikes the prism and starts pushing it backwards as a sudden clone of Zodiark appears and flies behind the prism as it's crashing backwards, which also rips it's own chest open before blasting another beam of solid darkness at the back of the prism, causing it to get stuck in deadlock as the beams both struggle against it, until they both suddenly crack through & completely obliterate the poor enemy stuck between them in a great flash of black light of an attack called "Prism To Oblivion".

Gray Zodiark

Zodiark start this one off by first uncrossing his arms, which surprises Chrixie & makes her say "So you're going to use your full power"? Zodiark's halo will then turn dark gray as it nods & says to her "This is my terrible & forbidden power, I will use it to destroy those who oppose you". "I will not be merciful". Zodiark then will cause a bright flash of light that encase the enemies inside a giant prism made of both solid light & solid darkness that starts spinning as it ascends into the sky, twisting time & space around it as it flashes between multiple colors & seems to be traveling through numerous realities in only fractions of a second. However, while that's happening, Zodiark will look back at Chrixie one more time & say "Fare thee well, Summoner, do not be afraid to call upon my terrible power if you so require it" before flying into the sky & gripping the prism with a white hand & a black hand before bringing it's rotation to a screeching halt as Zodiark roars, it's voice splitting the sky apart and tearing time & space asunder as the void opens below it and the prism, which it grabs and flies down into the void with as the world slowly starts to fix itself. Once inside the void, the path closes, shrouding the enemies inside the prism in eternal darkness as Zodiark says to them "You will learn to fear the darkness, and the light"! Zodiark then lights up the void as it creates multiple pillars of light around the foe before sending them plummeting into the prism, which they slide through effortlessly, blasting the enemies with a divine light that burns them to their very soul before Zodiark creates giant pillars of darkness that do the same, blasting the enemies with an endless darkness that threatens to consume their entire existence before Zodiark shatters the prism & uses both a pillar of light & pillar of darkness to blast the enemies back out of the void, which opens another pathway and spits them back out into the real world in an attack called "The Void".

True Zodiark

However, if Chrixie herself asks Zodiark to use his full power, rather than him just deciding to do so, his attack doesn't end there. Zodiark will appear back in the real world & grab the enemies with one of it's now truly gargantuan hands that are bigger than entire cities. Zodiark then lifts them above the sky, lifting them off the planet and into the depths of space as they now catch a glimpse of Zodiark's True Form, a truly-colossal being that's body is literally composed of the cosmos themselves. Then, Zodiark says something in the ancient language of the espers before the enemies are surrounded by countless amounts of universe-sized pillars of both light & darkness that all start plummeting into the enemies before the enemies are suddenly whisked away into a small space between all dimensions. Once there, they are blasted by the consuming primordial darkness of eternity & then the purifying divine ancient light back-to-back before they suddenly are compressed into a single atom, which causes them to become a singularity that begins to spill all of their very being out as Zodiark says something else in the espers language. Then, the singularity just suddenly disappears into nothingness as the entire pocket reality the enemies were on is compressed into oblivion in an attack called "Divine Oblivion".

Esper language translations:

1st, "You will no longer trouble what my Father created". (When they're surrounded by the pillars)

2nd, "I will tear you asunder & re-make you better, but you will first rot in MY HELL"! (During the singularity)

Super Strength

(Unlocked in her Hope Form)

While Chrixie technically has enhanced strength at the limit of her Base & Combo form, her Hope form and onward all give her super strength. In her Last Hope form after a volcanic eruption, Chrixie realizes that there's lava pouring down a mountain and it's going towards a small village. Chrixie dashes off to a nearby mountain to look around to see if she can think of anything. As she's standing at the the base of the mountain, she looked at it and saw that the bottom was rather unsteady. Without much thinking, Chrixie grabbed the mountain with both hands and started pulling up, but wasn't getting any results. But, in a moment of defying her limits, Chrixie lifted the mountain off the ground. She then slowly turned around, facing the village, before she threw it soaring into the ocean, which caused a huge wave to form. Chrixie then dashed down to the village, where she unsheathed Whirlwind and spun them around until she created a huge tornado in the mouth of the harbor. The tornado deflected the tidal wave around the village, where it landed on the lava and neutralized it. The required strength for this is crazy, considering how a mountain can weigh over 1 trillion tons, and this was one that she picked up and then tossed about 150-300 miles away into the ocean.

Higher Consciousness

(Unlocked in her Hallowed form)

Allows Chrixie to enter a higher state of being, giving her much greater strength & wisdom. With this kind of power at her disposal, Chrixie could technically be called a God while she's in this state. However, she only has this power in her Hallowed Form or any of her stronger ones. She loses all of the knowledge she had in this form whenever she reverts back.


(Unlocked in her Last Hope form)

Allows Chrixie to transcend her own limits due to her own desire to keep fighting in order to feel adequate compared to her Father & Brother. This has helped her defeat multiple opponents due her being able to keep transcending her limits and eventually overtaking them. However, this power doesn't really show itself until her Last Hope form. Until that point, it shows itself a little bit, mostly by giving Chrixie small energy boosts or the sudden ability to dodge a dangerous attack. But it doesn't reach it's full effect until she's on the ropes and doesn't have much left.

Feral Mind

(Unlocked in her Berserk form)


Abilities & Skills

Martial Arts (Has earned a 10th-degree black belt in both karate & judo, the same as her Mother before her)

Boxing/Kickboxing (Has beaten 20 different cruiserweight champions in non-title bouts, but has no desire to actually earn a championship in either sport)

Extremely-Advanced Hand-Eye Coordination

Accelerated Learning Ability (Also know as the ability to quickly learn new things)

Stress Control

Extremely-Enhanced Memorization (Not quite photographic, but far better than the average person's)



Retirement/Knight's Fall (Dual-Blades)

A weapon with a blade on both sides of the handle, which is in the center of this deadly weapon. The 2 blades also have the ability to split into 2 smaller swords that Chrixie duel-wields with great effectiveness. This weapon was built by Ty for Chrixie's mother, Freya, before her death and gifted it to Chrixie when she became 13 years old. Ty tried to train Chrixie to use the weapon, but she lacked his natural skill with weapons and didn't want to continue learning for a while. However, when she turned 16, Chrixie gave it one more try. Much to her surprise, she was able to use it rather effectively by this point, and so it was given to her by her Father. However, being her Father's weapon, Chrixie asked him if and when he wanted it back. Her Father told her "When you don't need it anymore", before entrusting it to her until that designated time. Now at the age of 21, Chrixie has become deadly when using this weapon to it's full potential, as she's cleared out entire enemy bases with this weapon. The special effect of this weapon is that it is surrounded by vibrating particles, which allow the blades to vibrate at high enough frequencies to break the atoms apart of even other metals like gold or titanium. Due to this, this weapon is extremely effective in melee distance due to it having the capabilities to slice through nearly any weapon it goes up against. Chrixie's mastery of this weapon only makes it more dangerous, considering how skilled and fast she is with her slashes, Chrixie could theoretically slice through even the toughest of materials to slice through, diamond. Later, after graduating from her studies and returning home, her Father told her a secret about the weapon, it's name wasn't actually Retirement, that was just a name that her Father made up for it when he gave it to her so it's true name wouldn't scare her. It's actual name when Freya used it was Knight's Fall, which was actually pretty ironic, considering how she was a knight and it used to be her weapon until she died.


Whirlwind (Rope Darts)

These are two rope darts that Chrixie wears around her shoulders. To be used, they first have to be unrolled, then Chrixie can throw one, or possibly both if she's willing to use both of her hands, at an opponent. The way rope darts work are that they are capable of stabbing into an enemy and then allowing the user to pull on the chains in order to drag the foe towards them or to wrap around the legs of a foe and trip them before dragging them towards the wielder. Because of this, these rope darts are great ranged weapons that can catch fleeing foes and drag them back to Chrixie, disarm them of their weapons, or can even be used to finish an opponent off with a well-timed hit. These darts earned their name by not only their sheer speed, but also their ability to create gusts of wind whenever they're swung with a lot of force. Chrixie has even managed to create a tornado from spinning them in circles around her, but she was unable to control it during her first attempt before having it go on an unstoppable rampage. The rampage was only halted due to Blade appearing and stopping it's rotation by running around it in the opposite direction that it was spinning. When launched forward with a lot of force, the wind that travels with the dart becomes almost like a razor blade, easily slicing into nearly anything in it's path.


Doorknockers (Feet Bracers)

Think of these as twin gauntlets that are meant to be used more as weapons than armor, but on your feet instead. Due to her extensive training in martial arts and kickboxing, Chrixie has become especially well-known for her kicking ability. Due to this, it was only logical of her to ask her Father to build her these feet bracers. Using them, Chrixie's kicks have become more powerful, which can be felt even when Chrixie takes them off. As for the actual effect of the weapon, it is capable of causing great knockback by exerting several tons of force in every kick, which will quickly wear down most opponents if it doesn't outright knock them out in a single kick. These come in 2 modes, non-lethal & lethal. Non-Lethal mode is limited to only being able to knock out an opponent at the maximum amount of force it can unleash. In other words, it limits Chrixie's power with this weapon significantly. Lethal mode removes this restriction and allows Chrixie to actually use her strength to beat down her opponent if they won't come along willingly. It should be noted that these have allowed Chrixie to actually kick large objects and blasts thrown at her back at her opponent as well as being very useful for stopping falling buildings by kicking them back into place.


Heart & Soul (Twin Pistols)

Twin magnum revolvers that Chrixie obtained from her Father, who told her "Be careful where you point those things, they're not toys". Chrixie has tinkered with them, adding her own polished gold look to the handles as well as making their bullets be fired with much more force before painting a heart on one and a soul on the other, thus earning their names Heart & Soul. Chrixie has also painted the main portions of the revolvers pink, which makes these seem a little less dangerous than they really are. Soul is known for being able to fire extremely powerful magic bullets, ones that can shatter stainless steel like it was glass & poison targets, while Heart is known for being the revolver that has a scope on it that allows it's wielder to see and shoot through walls. These revolvers are strong enough to be used effectively separately, as shown when Chrixie was disarmed of Soul and she used Heart instead to fight her opponent, but they are most certainly at their true power when wielded together as a team. As a team, the revolvers have one more special ability known as the Anarchy Crash. Basically, the Anarchy Crash is both revolvers charging up a full-powered shot before shooting both at the same time, which basically causes the 2 blasts to mingle and combine into one bigger blast as they travel towards whatever direction they're facing at the time. As you would expect, this bigger blast is at least twice as powerful as either of the revolvers, making it especially dangerous to be used.


Sundown (Warhammer)

A large hammer that Chrixie got as a birthday present from her Brother on her 18th birthday. Although it is rather unwieldy in Chrixie's weaker hands, she still uses it from time to time since it was a present from her Brother. One good thing that has come out of this weapon for Chrixie is that she has slowly built up more muscle mass while using it due to it pretty much being a barbell for her to wield. As for what exactly the hammer is supposed to do, it's supposed to change in size to become lighter or heavier. The lightest setting is a bit heavy for her to wield effectively, but Chrixie can manage it much better than she could before. The most use Chrixie has ever gotten out of this weapon is when she enters her stronger forms, where she's actually physically strong enough to wield this huge mallet at it's full potential. Granted, the hammer is worth the extra effort since it's Chrixie's heavy-duty weapon. The hammer lacks speed for the most part, but it makes up for this shortcoming with it's unrivaled power. Think of the hammer as working this way, Chrixie doesn't have to hit her foe with it 200 times to knock their lights out, every hit with it counts and can make a difference in the long run of a battle.


Peacemaker (Flail)

Rumored to have been created by the combination of two former weapons of Freya's. Serenity, her steel-chained whip, & Warmonger, her heavy-duty morning star, were supposedly fused together into this weapon of terror, Peacemaker. All in all, the theory does make sense, seeing as how Ty gave it to Chrixie as a graduation gift, and that not only do the particular weapon types seem to merge perfectly, but even the names sort of do when you really think about it. After all, a "warmonger" is someone who always pushes for war & violence, while "serenity" is pretty similar to peace. Combining the two together, it's someone who doesn't particularly push for violence & war, but will do so if it's required to maintain peace, hence the fact that the weapon is called "Peacemaker", while it could just as easily be called "Piecemaker".


Armor & Accessories

White Mail

Her Mother, Freya's, white armor she wore while she was alive. Chrixie always saw this armor on display inside her Father's room when she a little girl and she always loved how it looked. She would keep asking her dad who the "shiny dress" belonged to. Eventually, when she was 12, she was allowed to hold the helmet in her own 2 arms. At the age of 16, she was given the helmet as a keepsake of her Mother from her Father, but was warned to not mess it up. Finally, at the age of 18, her Father gave her the entire set of armor and told her "This is yours now, all of it". "Your Mother would want it to be yours". From that point on, Chrixie had the armor in her possession and has used it in multiple battles. As for what the armor's special effect is, no one is actually sure. According to Ty, Freya enchanted it herself when he wasn't home and never told him what any of the effects were. However, with her brother's helpful experiments, they discovered the mail's special abilities. First off, the armor shares an ability with the leggings, which is the creation of a protective aura that prevents attacks from even hitting the armor itself, which also can block spells if they hit Chrixie. As for the armor's unique special ability, it's made from a naturally-holy material, just like the rest of the set, making the entire set a divine set of armor that grants innate advantages against the undead & evil beings like demons, being able to hurt them just by walking near them due to it's aura also being holy.


White Helm

At the age of 12, Chrixie first held this helmet in her own two hands, but was only allowed to hold it for that day. After giving it back, she didn't get to hold it again until her 16th birthday, when it was given to her, along with the matching mask that's worn with it, to keep as a memento of her Mother. Since then, Chrixie has kept the helmet in remarkable condition & always wears it into battle. Even when in public, Chrixie tends to wear it on a chain as a makeshift necklace. The helmet has two extremely useful abilities, both supportive by nature. The first special ability is that the helmet increases the power of all of Chrixie's psychic abilities, allowing her to perform even greater feats than before with her powerful psychic capacity. The second special ability is that the helmet has an innate healing ability that heals Chrixie's wounds over time, even serious wounds if given enough time.


White Mask

The mysterious mask that is worn along with the helmet. The mask used to look scary to Chrixie when she was younger, but that was only because of her young age at the time. The mask doesn't really look particularly scary either, unless maybe you're a 3 year old with severe paranoia. However, the special effect of the mask can be a bit scary if utilized correctly. The mask's special ability is that it literally radiates cold energy while worn. While the caster doesn't feel it, the cold energy chills the air around them, and slowly gets more & more powerful the longer the mask is kept on. That being said, the mask losses it's gained strength & returns to it's normal pathetic range of effect as soon as it's taken off.


White Pauldrons

The two relatively large pauldrons, or shoulder-guards, of the white set of holy armor that Chrixie wears. These shoulder-guards are attached directly to the main piece of the armor & have the useful special ability of being able to collect magic energy from the air around Chrixie & then transfer it to her, giving her a nigh-infinite supply of magic as long as she doesn't go too overboard & somehow exhaust all of the mana in a given location.


White Bracers

The white bracers that are part of the holy set of armor that Chrixie inherited from her Mother, Freya. Bracers, unlike gauntlets, are traditionally worn only on the forearm to maybe the elbow. (Gauntlets are usually covering the entire arm, except the shoulders & sometimes the hand itself) However, wearing the bracers over the gauntlets can add extra defense, so it's recommended actually. Anyway, the special effect of the bracers are that they enhance Chrixie's telekinesis to even stronger degrees than it already was, essentially giving her planet-destroying capabilities in just her Base Form while wearing them.


White Gauntlets

The white gauntlets that are part of the holy set of armor that Chrixie inherited from her Mother, Freya. These gauntlets are built in a similar manner to the heavy boots that Chrixie wears, they're heavy-duty and meant to last for the wearer's entire lifetime. That being said, their special ability is that they have the ability to predict an opponent's next attack and they actually move Chrixie's arms subconsciously in order to block, parry, or counter the next attack thrown at Chrixie. These gauntlets in full effect during Chrixie's Serpent Twist technique is a sight to behold, seeing her dodging & attacking back flawlessly with such speed is surely a morale breaker to her opponent.


White Leggings

The white leggings that are a part of the holy set of armor that Chrixie inherited from her Mother, Freya. The leggings are unique in the fact that they are more gray than white compared to the rest of the armor. The leggings are about as durable as the rest of the armor, and has a joint special ability that it shares with the armor, which is creating a protective aura around Chrixie that protects the armor from even being touched while it's up. However, this doesn't make the leggings useless, they have a very specific ability that can only be used when they are being worn along with the rest of the armor. That special ability is that it amplifies all of Chrixie's attributes by roughly 20 times over, including the power of the enchantments on her weapons & even the rest of the armor themselves.


White Boots

The white boots that are part of the holy set of armor that Chrixie inherited from her Mother, Freya. These boots are built in a similar manner to the heavy gauntlets that Chrixie wears, they're heavy-duty boots that are meant to last for the wearer's entire lifetime. These boots have two very powerful special effects that give Chrixie a LOT more versatility than she had before, which was already quite a bit. The first special ability is that they make Chrixie's footsteps nearly silent, giving her a stealth advantage if she's trying to not be discovered. The second, and more powerful, special ability of the boots are that they allow Chrixie to walk right across the air, which is completely silent. The use of this particular ability ranges from crossing chasms to going "under the radar" by literally going too high for her to be easily found, to scaling large structures with much more ease & so on, so forth.


White Shield

The shield formerly belonging to her Mother, who wore it on her left arm as a bracelet-shield when she used it. The shield was found at the site of Freya's death, and it had the scars to prove it's use was surely being tested. Multiple scratches, dents, & scrapes were all over the shield, making it extremely dangerous to use due to it being likely to break. Due to it's advanced crafting & enchanting runes inscribed into it, the shield is also extremely hard to work with, which made the process of mending it quite the ordeal. Chrixie tried, without much progress, to mend the shield. She later asked her dad to try to mend it, but he refused, not wanting to risk damaging it. It wasn't until she asked her brother, who had an idea to possibly fix the shield & took it with him for about 2 weeks. He then took it to Chrixie, restored to it's former glory. As it turns out, all Blade did was enchant the same regeneration effect as his armor onto the shield & the damages just restored itself in a matter of seconds. Chrixie now uses it the same way as her Mother, wearing it like a bracelet on her left wrist during combat, allowing her to still use her arms while still defending herself. As for the shield's innate effect, it has the ability to reflect magical attacks back at the caster.

Father's Guidance

The black scarf, which has a cloak attached to the bottom of it for decoration purposes, which was given to Chrixie by her Father, Ty, as a gift when she was still a teenager. It was originally his, which he supposedly crafted back when he was still in school, and it's special ability is meant to keep Chrixie out of as much harm as much as possible. It has the ability to camouflage the wearer to where they're nearly impossible to find by just the sense of sight alone. However, they still have a scent, so they could be found that way, & they can also still be heard, making stealth the key choice for this ability. Think of it acting like the Predator's cloaking device or Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility & you'll have the right idea.


White Amulet

The legendary white amulet, which is a piece of the holy set despite being an accessory rather than armor, that Freya used to wear whenever she went into battle. The amulet was originally forged from the same holy material as the armor set, and it even has the same aura-like glow surrounding it, but it also has several gems embedded into it that also function as buttons, and pressing them can give Chrixie new abilities & such by switching around the amulet's current state, which also changes the current color of the amulet's aura. There are as many possible states & colors as there are gems, which is around 12 in total.

Gems & Effects


Color: Red

Innate Power: Pyrokinesis


Color: Blue

Innate Power: Hydrokinesis


Color: Yellow

Innate Power: Geokinesis


Color: Purple

Innate Power: Electrokinesis


Color: Green

Innate Power: Aerokinesis


Color: Orange

Innate Power: Ecokinesis


Color: Crimson

Innate Power: Regeneration


Color: Indigo

Innate Power: Cryokinesis


Color: White

Innate Power: Photokinesis


Color: Black

Innate Power: Umbrakinesis


Color: Clear

Innate Power: Omni-Magic


Color: Gold

Innate Power: Invincibility

Left-Eye White Ring

A ring worn on Chrixie's left ring finger that enhances her summoning abilities, allowing her to summon much easier & faster than before. Also makes all of her summons much more powerful & able to take much more damage before leaving.


Right-Eye White Ring

A ring worn on Chrixie's right ring finger that is used to cast a charming spell on opponents. If they're affected, then they'll fight for Chrixie until either she releases them or the spell ends, which takes roughly 15-30 minutes if left to run out.




Combo (No multiplier, but it makes her much faster and able to easily create large combos)

Hope (Unknown, estimated to be times 1,000+, gives Chrixie super strength)

Sinister (Unknown, estimated to be times 5,000+)

Hallowed (Unknown, estimated to be times 10,000+)

Last Hope (Unknown, estimated to be times 30,000+)

Berserk (Unknown, the estimate is unknown)



Starfall Lotus

Chrixie starts this technique off with a combo of kicks that stun her opponent before she does a sidekick that knocks the opponent into the sky before she jumps up after them and starts kicking them again across the surrounding area. She then actually uppercuts her opponent even higher into the sky before suddenly grabbing them and then driving them back down to the ground with a heavy slam that causes fissures to form in almost every direction away from the point of impact.

Aether Flame

Chrixie creates a fireball made from divine energy before launching it at her opponent. Being a holy-based attack, this deals extra damage to dark-based enemies like demons and deals reduced damage to holy-based enemies like angels. Some holy-based enemies may even absorb the attack, making it useless against them.

Tearing Thorns

Chrixie surrounds herself in thorns that protect her from most physical harm and can even reflect damage back on the attacker if blocked correctly. The thorns offer great protection from most melee attacks, moderate protection from most ranged attacks, & varying protection from both energy and magical attacks. For example, against hydrokinesis/water magic, the thorns have the advantage since the water would cause them to grow. But against pyrokinesis/fire magic, the thorns have an innate disadvantage and they would quickly burn away.

Mirror Shatter

Chrixie uses some of her energy to create a large transparent wall behind her opponent. She then performs some kind of attack, it could be a punch or a kick, an attack from one of her weapons, or even an energy-based attack like a kinetic ability or magic spell. The aim of the attack is to knock the opponent backwards and to crack the transparent barrier before Chrixie uses another attack, usually a running dropkick, to send the opponent crashing through the wall, which shatters like a mirror, sending shards flying down on the opponent from above. However, the technique also has the bonus effect of being able to "shatter" status effects or buffs. For example, say Chrixie uses this technique on a target who has increased it's defense, the "shatter" part of the attack would essentially break down their defense and bring it back to normal. Considering Chrixie's more psychic-based approach to combat, it has been rumored that this technique is actually mental-based and that the "shattering" actually takes place inside the opponent's mind. Where Chrixie basically forces them, via psychic suggestions, to believe that their attributes have gone back to normal, causing them to revert their own buffs back to normal by using their own mind against them.

Radiant Reflection

Chrixie creates a large shield of light in front of her that reflects both energy-based & magic-based attacks. However, some magic spells are capable of piercing this shield, like the spell Dispel, which removes all beneficial status effects from the target, Summoning Magic in general also tends to ignore such status effects, & any spell cast by either the user OR an ally of the user will usually pass right through the shield. There's also an entire group of spells that have "Piercing" in front of them that can pierce the shield. They're traditionally black magic spells, basically the 8 elements, and they are all capable of piercing almost any protection you can use. It is believed that only enchanted armor is able to reflect them or negate their damage, but those who can absorb a particular element can still do so without fear of damage. Although, it is also true that those particular spells are quite rare & very few even know of their existence anymore, making them dangerously close to being a lost art.

Fissure Crack

This technique requires time to charge before it can be used. The technique is basically just a simple punch or kick from Chrixie, the charge time affects just how much damage it can possibly cause. If used without charging, the attack is barely more powerful than a normal punch or kick. If charged to 10%-30%, the attack can cause ripples across the nearby area, shattering glass & bending metal. If charged to 40%-60%, the attack can actually put holes in the opponent, potentially causing them to bleed out in addition with an even more powerful wave of ripples around the entire surrounding area that can cause buildings & other structures to collapse. If charged to 70%-90%, the attack can go straight through an opponent and hit another behind them while causing gigantic ripples that even affects things like gravity by removing it from certain areas. The first target, the one who the attack went straight through, will have a hole in their chest that will start to expand outwards, basically cracking their entire body apart like glass as Chrixie passes through them. The second opponent will be hit like a freight train and will most likely either become stunned or knocked over from the impact, or possibly even knocked unconscious. When charged to 100%, Chrixie focuses all of the current energy into a single point on either her fist or her foot before unleashing a single blow that has surgical precision on her hapless foe. The aim of using the full 100% charge is to kill, as it causes a gaping chasm to basically "form" inside the target's body, essentially causing them to unravel as the attack's shockwave continues backwards, doing the same to everything else it touches. The pure power behind this attack is so great, it can shatter barriers & shields and then destroy the target. In other words, the safest way to avoid this attack to either dodge it or prevent Chrixie from using it.

Crushing Prism

In this technique, Chrixie traps her opponent inside a pyramid made of solid light. At Chrixie's command, the prism will slowly start to contract, which will slowly crush the opponent unless they're strong enough to shatter the prism beforehand or if Chrixie decides to free them from it herself. Chrixie usually uses this an interrogation measure to scare the suspect into giving her any information she's trying to get out of them, but it can be an effective time buyer against a physically powerful foe by creating space between them & Chrixie if she needs a breather.

Vacuum Trap

Chrixie creates a vacuum around her opponent and uses it to keep them suspended in the air to where they can hardly move, but are still able to breathe. She often uses this as a nonlethal interrogation method to gain information without inflicting serious injuries on the target or to buy herself some time when against a stronger opponent.

Nova Clap

Chrixie creates a sphere of energy in both of her hands before launching them at her opponent. If both spheres hit the opponent, then Chrixie will create another two of them in her hands before dashing at the opponent and then slamming the two spheres into the other two spheres already in the opponent's chest, causing a massive explosion that looks like a supernova from far away. It's so massive, it's even able to be seen from other planets.

Rose(s) Slash(es)

Chrixie focuses the power of nature into her being before unleashing slashes with her dual-blades that leave razor sharp rose petals behind that she can direct towards her opponent by using telepathic messaging. The petals will actually cause nigh-invisible lacerations to the opponent, potentially causing a great amount of blood loss if hit in certain areas enough times. The size of the petal also influences the size of the laceration, with larger petals, which are created from stronger slashes, being able to inflict much longer & deeper laceration to the target than the smaller petals.

Parallax Cannon

Chrixie uses her psychic energy to distort the opponent's sense of reality before making it appear as if there's multiple copies of her. Then she, along with all of the copies, will start to charge energy attacks from different directions, some copies will appear closer or further than others while doing so. While the opponent is confused about the distortions, the real Chrixie & all of the fake clones will unleash their energy attacks. Of course, only the actual Chrixie's attack will actually be real, but if the opponent thinks that the real one is a fake one and that one of the fake ones is the real one, then they'll most likely get hit by the real Chrixie's attack and start questioning themselves, wondering if they're actually real or something. There is potential for Chrixie to use this technique several times in a row if the opponent can't regain their bearings and dispel the distorted reality.

Echo Cut

This technique sees Chrixie sheathing her dual-blades and then performing a single strike from it's sheathe in a single, fluid, motion. If the opponent is hit head-on by the slash, it will resonate through their entire body, essentially causing an "echo" of slashes to hit them. This technique draws heavily from concentration and skill, making it extremely difficult to pull off in a pinch, but not impossible if practiced enough. This technique can serve several purposes, like stunning a foe by keeping them trapped in hit-stun or, if used to it's full power, it can cause ripples to form inside the opponent's body, causing both internal & external bleeding. In addition to that, depending where the slashes hit, other effects might occur. For example, if the heart or brain is sliced, it's pretty much instant death, or if the stomach is sliced open, then it's acid will spill out and corrode the target's body, or if enough muscles are sliced through, a limb might get dislocated or even severed.

False Slice

Chrixie messes with the opponent's sense of reality by first messing with their mind, making it harder for them to comprehend or understand anything. Once the opponent has been put in such a vulnerable situation, Chrixie will then prepare a slash and goes as far as even starting the slash before suddenly stopping it. This technique is meant to trick the opponent with a fake-out attack while their mind is already being screwed with. While there is no actual slash being done, the trick is to fool the opponent into thinking there was, which can help out significantly against mentally-weak foes who Chrixie can easily break the minds of and then defeat. Also, since there is no actual attack in the traditional variant of this technique, it is usually incapable of dealing any damage. However, Chrixie has used a version of this technique which sees her faking out her opponent and THEN actually slashing them once they think they're safe. This technique is all about fooling the opponent & then striking them with maximum efficiency.

Serpent Twist

Chrixie uses this technique when under attack to dodge attacks. The basis of this technique is to simply dodge any attacks thrown Chrixie's way. The way the technique works is that Chrixie starts off by taking a defensive stance rather than her usual neutral stance. Once in her defensive stance, Chrixie will start reading the opponent's movements in order to guess whats coming from them next. Depending on the opponent themselves, this can be extremely easy or nearly impossible. The actual technique can best be described as like a serpent twisting it's body around to dodge attacks, while maintaining constant attention to the opponent. It is possible for the opponent to turn the technique against Chrixie, but it may be difficult depending on how the opponent goes about doing so. The most effective way is to simply strike as fast as possible so as to limit the amount of time Chrixie has to read the next move and then move accordingly. However, the problem with such a method is that it runs the risk of becoming a pattern, and with Chrixie's photographic memory, she'll remember the pattern like it was nothing.

Gargantua Spear

Chrixie starts this technique off by usually doing something to get her opponent to remain stationary, usually by tying them up or otherwise immobilizing them. She then will create a giant spear from her own energy and she'll then use it in one of two ways. Chrixie's first option is to use the giant spear as a temporary weapon. The advantages of the spear being used this way is that it's actually pretty powerful and can destroy most foes in only 1-3 hits. It also has a tremendous reach, considering it's a massive spear. And last, since it's made from Chrixie's own energy, it can't be broken easily and can actually cleave through most normal weapons. However, it does have the disadvantage of being unwieldy due to it's massive size, and it also can't survive energy-erasing attacks. Another disadvantage is that Chrixie has very little spear training, so she'll be less effective with it then her normal weapons. And the last disadvantage is that only lasts as long as Chrixie's energy supply, which makes it sort of a energy-sapping weapon to brandish against a foe. The second way Chrixie can use the spear is throwing it like an oversized javelin, which can pierce most materials due to the velocity, weight, and force of the spear being completely forced to a single point, which then hits the target that Chrixie throws it at. Due to it's energy-sapping power, Chrixie usually reserves this technique for the javelin technique, which can strike from miles away. On a side note, Chrixie has actually used this for a bit of sport once where she was challenged by a group of boys to see who could throw the javelins further. Long story short, the best that one of the boys threw went about 95 feet away while Chrixie summoned her huge spear and then causally tossed it soaring out of the stadium.

Hot Volley

Chrixie creates a number of fireballs around herself and can then send them flying towards her opponent at will either one or two at a time or all at once. This technique isn't very effective compared to some of Chrixie's others, but it can be useful for keeping an opponent at bay or if the opponent happens to be weak to fire-based attacks.

Raven Talon

Chrixie focuses some of her energy into her off-hand, which is usually holding her shield. After doing so, Chrixie will sheath her shield as her hand will start to grow talons on it. While that's all that physically happens, Chrixie's talon-like hand also gains an invisible energy surrounding it that allows it to both block attacks and deal poisonous damage to whoever it touches. It also allows Chrixie to use a few powerful energy attacks that can help deal great damage to her opponents. The only two downsides to this technique is that it only lasts for so long before Chrixie's hand returns to normal and that her hand is smaller than her shield is, making it harder to defend with.

Clone Technique

This is a technique that simply has Chrixie create a clone of herself to fight alongside her. The maximum number of clones shown is assumed to be roughly 1,000 and they all seem to retain Chrixie's power. While hard to distinguish by appearance alone, the clones have a separate spiritual wavelength, making those who can sense different kinds of energy, as well as those who are spiritually-attuned, able to tell the clones from Chrixie herself.

Phoenix Slash

Chrixie says a prayer and white flames surround her dual-blades before she unleashes the flames of the legendary bird, the Phoenix, in a fiery slash that can incinerate nearly anything in a single attack.

Starlight Glacier

This is Chrixie's most mental-based technique by far. This technique starts off with Chrixie separating both her mind AND her opponent's mind from their own bodies before taking both to another realm inside the hidden depths of her own imagination. The realm itself looks almost like a glacier, but made of a strange light blue energy instead of ice, and there's also thousands of stars all over the place, like they've ended up inside the middle of space. As a side note, this is actually Chrixie's "happy place" she used to go to when she was younger, but now she has even more control & it allows her to use her full power without any limits. Once there, both will take a physical form, but will still be JUST their own mind. Being only a mind inside this pocket realm, both Chrixie & her opponent can only use mental-based powers like telekinesis, telepathy, psychometry, clairvoyance, & other psychic powers to battle. Also, since this realm is Chrixie's home turf, she has an incredible advantage inside this realm, even more so when you consider that she has complete control over everything inside of it, especially against foes who are weak in their mind or have no protection from psychic attacks. If the opponent "dies" inside of this realm, then it can compared to completely shattering their mind and practically destroying whats left of them in an instant as their mind is completely wiped out & destroyed, leaving only their body behind as more of a husk than a corpse.

Burning Petals

Chrixie uses this technique as an alternate follow-up technique to her Rose Slash technique. After creating the razor-sharp petals around her, she then lights them on fire before sending them flying at her opponent. These petals are still capable of causing great damage to both the internal & external parts of the opponent's body, but the fire makes them hurt that much more. However, the fire does create a weakness in this technique, the petals will slowly burn up and if not used almost immediately after being lit, they will most likely burn up before hitting their target. That being said, if used at close-range, then these petals will cause severe damage to everything unlucky enough to be caught in their path.

Golden Aura

This technique is unique in that it is only gained when Chrixie enters her Last Hope Form, but once it is gained, it remains until Chrixie leaves the form by either reverting or ascending into her Berserk Form. The technique is basically an aura of invincibility that makes it just about impossible for anything to harm Chrixie. The aura makes her immune to magic-based, element-based,energy-based, & psychic-based attacks and gives her extreme protection from both melee-based & ranged-based attacks. Adding all of that up, Chrixie becomes susceptible to only physical attacks, but also is heavily protected from all kind of physical attacks. This makes the only option to damage her very unlikely to deal much damage her whatsoever, essentially making her almost invincible.

Paragon Crescent

This technique sees Chrixie actually take an offensive stance, which is an extreme rarity for her to do. This technique is all about ending a battle, that is it's sole purpose. This is a slash of such skill and speed, along with Chrixie's Reaper heritage, that it leaves a visible blur of color behind in the shape of a crescent as it slices the opponent and practically destroys them in a single hit. That is this technique's purpose, it is a one-hit kill attack that is only used as a last resort in order to end a battle with one last attack.

Infinite Blitz

Chrixie's ultimate technique, only used once & has never been needed since. This technique can be used in any of Chrixie's forms, but has only been seen in her Berserk form. This technique is pretty close to how it sounds like it would be actually. Basically, it's just Chrixie completely snapping out and unleashing Hell in a gigantic hail of punches, kicks, & weapon attacks that goes on for what seems like eternity as she keeps the opponent trapped inside a chain of blows. In reality, the combo isn't going on forever, it's actually just being slowed down so the naked eye can perceive whats happening since Chrixie is literally hitting the opponent faster than even light during this technique. There's no high score, since Chrixie has only used this once, but still, managing to land over 850 octillion attacks in only about 1-2 second(s) is pretty damn impressive.


"All my life, I've been scared of only one thing". "I was scared of not being able to keep up with my Father & Brother, but I'm not scared anymore"! "Deep down inside myself, I knew this moment would come". "Where I'd have to finally prove myself to me"! "You said you wanted nothing more than a good battle, right"? "Well, here comes the good battle you've been waiting so long for"!

- Chrixie before she enters her Hope Form for the first time.

"I hope you're ready, because you're about to see the birth of the new me"!

- Chrixie as she enters her Hope Form for the first time.

"When I was in need, my Father and Brother were my lights that guided me in the dark". "Now, they're the ones who are stuck inside the dark and need a light". "So I'll light the way for them while I also make sure you never harm anyone else again"!

- Chrixie after she enters her Hope Form for the first time.

"I'm going to make you suffer for killing my Mother, don't expect any mercy".

- Chrixie when she confronts her Mother's killer.

"There's a piece of good and evil inside us all". "The difference between yours and mine however is that yours acts on impulse while I can control mine, to an extent anyway".

- Chrixie explaining her Sinister Form to an opponent she faces in her story.

"Well, that evil inside of me grows stronger and stronger the more I get hurt or angry". "Unfortunately for you, I won't be able to stop it for much longer".

- Chrixie before she enters her Sinister Form for the first time.

"If getting me to give into the darkness was your intention...". "Then congratulations, because you've done it".

- Chrixie as her Sinister Form starts to take control over her mindset.

"You said you fear no light, correct"? "Well, let's see if you fear the darkness then".

- Chrixie before she enters her Sinister Form.

"This isn't my first choice, but I will use it regardless to defeat you"!

- Chrixie as she enters her Sinister Form.

"The entirety of creation, it seems so clear to me now". "I can see it all and understand it's every cause and effect". "That which would burn the minds away from all others, I can understand".

- Chrixie explaining her Hallowed Form.

"I don't understand what this power I feel is truly, but it won't allow me to stay down". "It keeps telling me the same thing, over and over again". "It keeps telling me that I have to defeat you here and now, before you grow too powerful".

- Chrixie before she enters her Hallowed Form for the first time.

"Suddenly, I feel like I'm starting to understand what this power really is".

- Chrixie as she enters her Hallowed Form for the first time.

"Now I understand". "This power is only for those in times of great need who will not abuse it's power to alter the course of all creation". "It is the last gift to me from my Mother".

- Chrixie after she enters her Hallowed form for the first time.

"I've pushed you hard every single time, and you've pushed back even harder each and every time". "I guess there's only one thing left I can do now, I cannot surrender to you".

- Chrixie when she realizes that her Hallowed Form isn't going to be enough to beat a particularly-tough foe.

"You've pushed me this far, farther than I ever wanted to go". "But I cannot just give up simply because I'm losing a fight". "I've lost my Mother and I seek to not lose anything else for a very long time". "I don't have very much left in me, but I will make what remains count".

- Chrixie before she enters her Last Hope Form for the first time.

"This is my last resort, and my last hope".

- Chrixie as she enters her Last Hope Form for the first time.

"You fight for your own justified, albeit quite selfish, goals". "And, well, to be perfectly honest with you, so do I". "But my goals aren't selfish anymore". "I no longer need to become as strong as my Father or as strong as my Brother to feel proud of myself". "I've realized the truth behind it all, everyone's strength is different from one another's". "Your strength isn't from your muscle or your mind, it's from your own spirit". "You believe yourself to be unbreakable, and your spirit reflects that illusion you've cast on yourself". "But now I have to ask you, what do you think you really are underneath all of those illusions"? "Because I can see through all of those illusions, I can see who you really are inside".

- Chrixie after she enters her Last Hope Form for the first time.

"Is this really the extent of what I could do"? "Is this really all I had left in in me to try to stop you with"? "....." "I'm sorry, Mother..." "I've failed you.....".

- Chrixie as she loses all of her energy and falls from the sky after leaving her Last Hope Form.

"NO"! <insert sobbing here> "Why can't... why can't I... why can't I ever... save anyone I care about"!? "Why am I doomed to this Fate..."? <insert a LOT of anger here> "WHY"!?

- Chrixie before she enters her Berserk Form for the first time. (Part 1)

"You... I'm sick of looking at you...". "I'm sick of even knowing that you exist...". "I'm going to make you pay... for what you've done... and for what you'll do as long as you exist...".

- Chrixie before she enters her Berserk Form for the first time. (Part 2)

"All this time... I've held a monster inside of me...". "A monster... that I was taught to never call on...". "To never give a name to... to never ask for help from it...". "If you... thought that the puny beast... inside of you... was terrible...". "Then I'm going to... crush you... into dust..."

- Chrixie as her Berserk Form starts to show it's power for the first time.

"This is all I have left in me...". "I will make it be enough to beat you...". "Since it seems like your... twisted mind... is unraveling..., I'll put it as simply as I can..." <cue Berserk Form activating as Chrixie starts talking again> "I WILL NOT..., NO..., I CAN NOT..., LET... YOU... WIN..."!

- Chrixie as she enters her Berserk Form for the first time.

"There is Hell for you to pay". "Scratch that, there is much more pain than Hell could ever punish you with for you to pay your debts". "Every single damn thing my family and my friends ever cared about has been destroyed by your hands". "That is why I am here, I am here to make things right, I am here to correct the mistakes made by those who failed to defeat you, those who I failed to save the lives of, for everyone who had to die for me to finally stand up for myself and open my eyes...". "You asked me who the Hell I was earlier, and I did not have an answer for you then, but, now I do, I finally have an answer for you...". "I am the hero this world needs to be rid of you for good, I am the mortal that was chosen to take our last stand against you at the end of all time, I am the one you have been looking for, the one you fear...". "I can see it now, all of this was preordained from the very beginning of creation, from the very start, by the Creator Gods". "You were created to destroy what they had given life to, but were too compassionate to take away, to be the end of mortal and God alike". "But, Cosnach, just as the very prophecy that gave you life foretold, I am here to be THE END OF YOU"!

- Chrixie's speech after she enters her Berserk Form for the first time.

"Allow me to explain it to you, Cosnach". "Your prophecy goes as follows, but let me know if I forget anything". "The Seven Signs that Ragnarok approaches; First; The Gods Above turn on Two of Their Own, sealing one & enslaving the other, both for Eternity". "Second; the Death of the God-King at the hands of his own Flesh & Blood, Vengeance for misdeeds long Thought Forgotten". "Third; the Peak of Mortality ascends the Holy Realm & lays Waste to it's Creator". "Fourth; The Brightest Light in Heaven Fades To Black, forcing the Second to Take up it's Mantle". "Fifth; Time is torn Asunder, the Peak must Climb through the Depths of it's Own Past". "Sixth; The World Burns Down, the Demon God's Anger leaving Scars in it's Wake". "And Seventh; The End of Us All Lies in Wait, Showing Itself only after a Worldwide Crisis, when Humanity is at it's Bleakest".

- Chrixie reciting Cosnach's prophecy.

"But I found the second half of our prophecy, Cosnach, the one WE made long ago, when we defeated you & sealed you away"! "It's called the Seven Signs that Ragnarok Will Fail"! "First; Vengeance is Gained for the Betrayed Gods by the Very Reason they were Betrayed"! "Second; The Misdeeds of the Masses are Forgiven by a Merciful God"! "Third; The Creator's Mantle is Picked Up by the Only One Left who can Hold It"! "Fourth; The Light that Faded To Black is Reborn in a Renewed Glow as it Shines Over All Creation"! "Fifth; Time is Restored to Completion by the Insane Meddling of a Lone Mortal"! "Sixth; The Demon God's Respect is Earned by the Mortals Who Wouldn't Stay Down"! "And Seventh; When Humanity is at it's Bleakest, The Chosen One, Reborn After Every Incarnation's Death, will Finally Show Itself and Deliver All Life, Mortal & Gods Alike, From the Clutches of Ragnarok"! "I know what each of those things mean, & you do too, don't you"?

- Chrixie reciting the Hero's prophecy.


- Chrixie's war cry before she battles Cosnach at End of All Time.


- Chrixie when she transports herself & Cosnach to the Starlight Glacier, the final phase of their battle.

"IF YOU WANT TO BEAT ME COSNACH, THEN YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO KILL ME"! "SO HIT ME WILL EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT LEFT INSIDE THAT SHELL OF YOURS"! <cue Cosnach's ultimate technique, which Chrixie dodges as she appears in front of Cosnach> "NOW IT'S MY TURN"! "HERE'S ALL I'VE GOT LEFT"! <cue Chrixie's Infinite Blitz technique> "FEEL THE POWER OF ALL CREATION, AS I GIVE YOU A TASTE OF THE COMBINED POWER FROM EVERYONE YOU WERE MEANT TO DESTROY"! <cue Chrixie summoning her dual-blades before using her Paragon Crescent technique on a stunned Cosnach> "OUR COMBINED POWER IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU COULD EVER BECOME"! <Cue the technique literally destroying Cosnach from the inside-out as Chrixie finishes her most memorable quote>

- Chrixie's final speech against Cosnach before she ultimately defeats him & prevents Ragnarok.

"This is goodbye Cosnach". "Not for now, not for today, not for this week, or this year either". "This is goodbye for ETERNITY"! "And, if by some strange miracle of Fate, you manage to somehow come back, we'll be waiting for you". <cue Cosnach's desperate last attack, which Chrixie blocks effortlessly as he gives the traditional 'how could I lose' speech> "It's simple as to why you lost Cosnach, the only way you'll ever be rid of us is for us to be rid of you, your prophecy was made to never allow you to win in the first place". <Cue the start of Cosnach's disintegration> "Honestly, I think you were an experiment Cosnach". "I believe you were created by the Creator Gods for them to test how much compassion something that's only purpose is to destroy could have". "But before you die, there's one last thing I want to know". "Do you remember what it felt like to have compassion, what it felt like to have emotions that were yours"? <Cosnach replies with a simple "What's it matter to you"?> "Like you, I was born with compassion, I believe anyone can be redeemed if they're willing to reach far enough". "Even you, the very being that represents the end of all creation, were created with compassion, but you've lost it somehow". "But I still believe you can be redeemed". "So I'll ask you again, do you remember what it felt like to have genuine emotions that you could call your own"? <Cosnach replies with "Sadly, I do not".> "Do you want to change"? <Cosnach snarls & replies with "There will be no change, I am Ragnarok"!> "Then you just may, sadly, be beyond redemption". "I'm sorry Cosnach...". <cue the end of Cosnach as the Starlight Glacier begins to crack & break apart from Chrixie using almost all of her remaining energy, ultimately destroying him as Chrixie says her final quote & leaves>

- Chrixie & Cosnach's conversation right before his death.

"I don't know what the future holds for me, my foresight has been hazy for the last few months". "And I don't know where you're honestly going to end up either Cosnach". "But, I do hope you, by some miracle, come back someday, just as a better person next time". "Until our next lives, Cosnach, goodbye...".

- Chrixie's final quote to Cosnach as she returns to the physical world after his defeat.

"You don't deserve to live in this world anymore, monster". "I will make you pay for all the suffering you've caused, all the lives you've stolen, with your blood"! "Ancestors, I beg you, lend me your power so I may right this wrong & purge the wicked from this land like my Mother before me"! <cue Chrixie gaining the power of her ancestors & her Mother's spear> "This is your final chapter, demon, in the name of my Mother, Freya, who's life you stole from us, I will defeat you again"!

- Chrixie when she confronts her Mother's killer for the second, & last, time.

"You will no longer trouble me or the soul of my Mother". "You were doomed ever since you forgot how to feel emotions, they are the strongest driving force of all creation". "Now, with the power of my ancestors & my Mother's sacred blood flowing through my veins, I banish you"! "Begone, return to whence you came & never trouble us again for all of Eternity"!

- Chrixie after she defeats the ageless demon that killed her Mother & banishes it back to Hell.


Chrixie's extreme agility & reflexes allow her to easily dodge most attacks thrown at her, making her a very hard target to hit for pretty much any foe.

Chrixe's telepathy allows her to speak to her allies during radio silence or even an EMP strike, giving her a great tactical advantage over most others, especially whenever she's in group combat.

Chrixie's knowledge of martial arts & boxing/kickboxing combined make her a dangerous unarmed opponent, provided that she doesn't take an ugly hit before finishing her foe off.

Chrixie's ability to see the future allows her to sometimes know when an opponent is preparing something so she is able to plan accordingly. However, there are times that, no matter how much Chrixie tries to plan it out, it just doesn't work out the way she wanted it to.

Chrixie's athletic abilities outmatch nearly everyone on Earth's, she's proven to be a worthy contender to, match up with, or has even beaten the best superathletes, or athletes who excel in multiple areas as opposed to just one, on Earth at their own games.



Has a severe case of an inferiority complex, she is constantly thinking that she is far inferior to her both her Father and her Brother. If this was utilized correctly, a foe could potentially defeat Chrixie without them even having to land an attack on her. If it was used right, one could make Chrixie unravel herself until she was wide open for them to take out in one shot.

While being extremely hard to hit due to her agility, Chrixie has no extra strength or durability to help her if she was to engage in a pure fistfight. That being said, she does have a few weapons at his disposal and this no longer really effects her in her Hope form.

Possesses no real offensive powers, which leaves her as a support-only character in a battle if she doesn't have her weapons on her or has lost them during the battle.

Her usually-kind nature has allowed multiple opponents to take advantage of her kindness to use it against her. This has left her open to many sneak attacks, but it will piss her off if the sneak attack fails to defeat her or if she sees it coming and defends against it.

While being quite athletic, Chrixie isn't a superathlete who's skilled in every single athletic event. For example, she has the ability to do well at boxing & martial arts-based events, but she lacks the strength & muscle required for weightlifting unless she enters her Hope form, which would be kinda cheap.