Hellspawned is a fangame made to explain the life of Dawn after she became a Hellspawn and started doing work as an assassin. Of course, being a demon from Hell allows Dawn to do some things that very few bounty hunters can even hope to do, take on contracts for supernatural beings as well as the standard humans.

Before I begin, let's get something out of the way first. This game is going to be different from Prizor's Wrath. There's going to be similarities, because those are pretty much unavoidable. You're going to see things that they have in common, but I am going to make them feel different since they are about two very different characters. Prizor was all about revenge and was a very serious fighter who was known for his brutality. Don't even get me started on the personality differences, Prizor's an antisocial murderer and Dawn is a sarcastic asshole, the only thing they have in common is that they both have a murder button.

With that out of the way, I'm going to break this down by parts in order to explain everything about in as much detail as possible. In other words, by the time this entire game is complete, this page will be a sea of letters, numbers, symbols, and links.

Basic Information

Name: Hellspawned

Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack & Slash

Developers: Dio (Solo Project)

Platforms: Xbox One & PS4 (Possible Switch & PC port in the future)

Release Date: TBA (Probably the day after I finish this page XD)

Rating: ??? (I'll have to get others to rate this once it's done, probably either M or A)

Overview & Interviews




Interview 1

This is an interview with my sister, Jules, about the game.

(Jules) "So you're giving Dawn her own game so she gets to kill a whole lot of bad guys too"?

(Dio) "And creatures, the undead, angels, other demons, and mythological beings too".

(Jules) "The whole point of this adventure is choice, right"?

(Dio) "Yes, you get to decide how Dawn goes about her missions, you can use open conflict to murder everyone in her path, or stealth to kill her target and leave the innocent alive". "With Dawn's hellspawn abilities and weapons at your disposal, the game is pretty wide open as to what you can use to get the job done". "And that's just Dawn's standard arsenal, imagine what she could do given the right circumstances inside the right area"?

(Jules) "Can you give me an example, without spoiling if possible?

(Dio) "Alright, so imagine this, Dawn's target is at the airport standing outside of their own personal plane". "Dawn arrives at the airport with a few choices at the player's command". "Option A, she can simply attack her target and slay their bodyguards before simply leaving". "Option B, she can sneak onto her target's airplane and activate the side rotors, essentially pulling them into a grinder". "Or Option C, she can take up a vantage point inside one of the radio towers after knocking out the few guys inside of it and simply snipe her target before making her getaway".

(Jules) "So there's generally going to be a straightforward approach, a sneaky approach, and some kind of environment-specific approach for each target"?

(Dio) "Well, I can't say that for all of them". "Some of them, due to events, may not allow Dawn to do one or possibly two of those approaches". "That leaves two, or maybe only one, possible choice".

(Jules) "So you can't just take the easy direct approach every single time and clear the game that way"?

(Dio) "Now that right there is a technicality". "Technically, if you were to disregard any level that may not allow the direct approach, then yes, it is possible to clear the entire game that way". "But my arguments to this are actually 2 points". "Point 1, most players will play the game for fun, not to beat it as fast as they can". "The game encourages, and sometimes almost forces the player to try different strategies". "Point 2, sometimes, the direct approach to a problem isn't always the easiest". "Let's talk about that same scenario at the airport". "Taking the direct approach kills the target pretty easily, but you'll have to deal with his guards afterwards as well as the police force once they arrive, making the second half of the mission more difficult then it had to be". "For example, the stealth approach with dicing him to bits with the plane, could be ruled as a simple plane malfunction that led to an unfortunate accident by the authorities". "As long as they don't catch Dawn inside the plane, how could they possible know she did it"? "As for the sniping strategy, you would be taking a chance with any possible witnesses inside the radio tower". "But, if Dawn knocked them all out, or simply killed all of them, all they'd know is that something knocked everyone out before the shooting took place, leaving no one to place the blame on Dawn here either".

(Jules) "So the game's going to require the player to actually think their choices through"?

(Dio) "Yes, this game is different from Prizor's Wrath in that regard especially". "Prizor's Wrath was all about button-mashing, dodging, pulling off QTEs, and hearing Prizor complain about wanting his vengeance". "Hellspawned is going to force you to think your every move through in every single level, should I kill this guy, should I pick this guy's pocket, should I turn off this generator to make it pitch-black, should I take the direct approach or the stealthy approach"? "Plus Dawn isn't quite as boring a Prizor since she's a smartass who'll say anything she wants, so parents, you may want to keep this away from your children unless they're at least 17". "Although this game may possibly be rated A at this rate".

(Jules) "Wait, Dawn can pick pockets"? "What is this, Sly Cooper"? "Also, is this game really going to be bad enough to get an A rating"? "Even Prizor's Wrath couldn't get that, and that was bloodier than all of the God of Wars and Mortal Kombats combined".

(Dio) "Well Dawn's not really that kind of thief, she'd pick a pocket to get something along the lines of keys or keycards to gain access into places she couldn't get into normally without breaking down a wall". "But I totally should make a DLC where she can get Sly's cane as a possible weapon to use during her missions". "As for the high rating, while Dawn can be just as violent as Prizor was, she doesn't reach that level of violence as often as he does & she's much more vulgar and sarcastic than he is". "It's not going to be so much the violence that Dawn's going to inflict inside the game giving it it's rating, even though the game is going to be pretty violent, all things considered, but it's going to be her dirty mouth and jokes she's going to make that will do it". "I mean, one of her lines she says when she dodges a spear swipe by sliding around it and stabbing her attacker in the neck has her reference a stripper dancing on a pole".

(Jules) *laughs* "Really"? "So what's the story going to be about"? "How Dawn lost her job as a stripper by stabbing whoever didn't tip her"? *laughs heavily*

(Dio) *laughs* "Sorry, but you'll have to wait just like everyone else".

(Jules) "Well, that's the end of our interview, I'm bored and I don't feel like doing this anymore".

(Dio) "Bye Jules, you'll see more of the game as this year goes on".


Case Artwork

Front Artwork

(Note: I'm working on this right now, it's taking a little longer than normal)


Back Artwork


Title Screen





Gameplay Screens


Loading Screens

Level Screens

(These screens are shown at the start of every level, they tell you the name of the level and provide you with a little bit of backstory about the location & and an overview of your mission there before dropping you off there and leaving you to your own devices)


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10


Character Screens

(When entering another part of a level, you'll sometimes get one of these as your loading screen. These actually give you some information about the character that appears, just don't play around reading, because some of these are pretty long and the loading screens don't usually take very long)

Dawn ("The character you're playing as". "Back in the day, she didn't have quite as much power as she has now". "She used to be one of the weakest out of all of her siblings, and that didn't change for a while". "One day, Dawn sacrificed her own life in order to save someone else's life". "When she died, however, her soul didn't go to Heaven or Hell". "She ended up inside of another mysterious realm that Dawn called Hell, but was actually a different realm altogether". "While there, she found her infamous crimson armor". "After wearing the armor for a little bit, Dawn found out that it had given her powers, extremely powerful ones at that". "Using her newfound powers, Dawn obtained the 4 keys to leave the realm, the 4 weapons that she uses in battle". "Tournesol, Zalexia, Gellostis, and Mirfeine" She kept them all afterwards since she had grown a liking to each of them". "Soon after, she decided to put her new powers to the test by becoming an assassin". "From here on out, her story is yours to write...")


Enemy Screens

(These are the same as the character screens, except they give you information for the enemy that appears, like what is effective against them and some of their basic habits or quirks)










Boss Screens

(These appear every single time you're on a loading screen before a boss fight. It doesn't give you any strategies for the upcoming battle, but it does give you a look at what's coming your way next along with some occasional backstory about the enemy)


Tip Screens

(These appear during the same times as the character & enemy screens, but these are general tips that will only help you for your first adventure through the game, they lose their usefulness after seeing them for the first time)

HP Orbs

MP Orbs

PP Orbs

XP Orbs

GP Orbs

Simple Combos- Unarmed

Simple Combos- Tournesol

Simple Combos- Zalexia

Simple Combos- Gellostis

Simple Combos- Mirfeine

Powers- Infernokinesis

Powers- Hydrokinesis

Powers- Electrokinesis

Powers- Regeneration

Powers- Teleportation

Powers- Invisibility

Powers- Cloning

Powers- Precognition

Powers- Chronokinesis

Powers- White Fire

Powers- Boiling Water

Powers- Black Lightning

Non-Silent Kills

Silent Kills

Jumping Kills

Ledge Kills

Double Kills

Hidden Kills

Special Kills


Art Style




(Note: I shall refer to the consoles like this, Xbox (PS4)

Menu Controls

Directional Pad- Move Cursor

A (X)- Confirm

B (O)- Go Back

Movement Controls

Start Button (Options Button)- Pause Menu

Back Button (Share Button)- Upgrades Menu

Left Analog Stick- Move Dawn

Right Analog Stick- Rotate Camera

Tilt Left Analog Stick- Walk

Tap Left Analog Stick- Run

Tap & Hold Left Analog Stick- Dash

A (X)- Jump

A, A (X, X)- Double Jump (Once Unlocked)

A, A, A (X, X, X)- Triple Jump (Once Unlocked)

(While Dashing) A (X)- Long Jump

(When Prompted) B (Circle)- Context-Sensitive Button (Used only when prompted, the actions vary greatly, but are mostly used for either button-mashing contests or laughs, think of these as "QTE's" & "joke reels" respectively and you'll get the idea)

(While Dashing) B (Circle)- Slide (Useful for ducking into low openings)

A, (Hold) A (X, Hold X)- Glide/Power Glide

(While Gliding) X (Square)- Gliding Attack

(While Gliding) Y (Triangle)- Dive-Bomb

(While Gliding) B (Circle)- Cancel Glide

(Note: The Glide also works with Double & Triple Jumps)

LB (L1)- Demonic Senses (Used to locate targets & predict enemy movements)

(Hold) LB (Hold L1)- Crouch

(While Crouching) Left Analog Stick- Crawl (Helps with getting underneath obstacles)

(While Crouching) A (X)- Backwards Somersault (Gets some impressive air only beaten by Triple Jumps)

RB (R1)- Enter Stealth Mode

LT (L2)- Scroll Camera (Counterclockwise)

RT (R2)- Scroll Camera (Clockwise)

LS (L3)- Show Beacon

RS (R3)- Center Camera (Turns the camera wherever Dawn is facing)


Stealth Controls

Tilt Left Analog Stick- Sneak

Tap Left Analog Stick- Silent Roll (The direction you move the control stick is the direction she'll go)

X (Square)- Light Sneak Attack (Silent)

Y (Triangle)- Heavy Sneak Attack (Noisy)

B (Circle)- Medium Sneak Attack (Average)

(Hold) X (Hold Square)- Silent Stealth Kill

(Hold) Y (Hold Triangle)- Stealth Kill

(Hold) B (Hold Circle)- Pickpocket

(When Prompted) (Hold) B (Hold Circle)- Finish Target

LB (L1)- Demonic Senses (Helps to avoid cameras & traps)

(Hold) LB (Hold L1)- Crouch

(While Crouching) Left Analog Stick- Crawl (Very useful for Stealth)

RB (R1)- Powers

(Hold) RB (Hold R1)- Enter Exploration Mode


Combat Controls

X (Square)- Light Attack

(Hold) X (Hold Square)- Deflect (Can be done with all 5 weapons)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+X (Square)- Uppercut (Unarmed Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+Y (Triangle)- Roundhouse Kick (Unarmed Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+B (Circle)- Spinning Kicks (Unarmed Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+X (Square)- Spin Attack (Tournesol Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+Y (Triangle)- Scythe Quake (Tournesol Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+B (Circle)- Throw Scythe (Tournesol Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+X (Square)- Arrow Cyclone (Zalexia Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+Y (Triangle)- Power Shot (Zalexia Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+B (Circle)- Scoped Arrow (Zalexia Only) (Gives you a target to aim with)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+X (Square)- Dispel Barriers (Gellostis Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+Y (Triangle)- Elemental Flare (Gellostis Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+B (Circle)- Telekinesis (Gellostis Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+X (Square)- Whiplash (Mirfeine Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+Y (Triangle)- Buzzsaw Whip (Mirfeine Only)

Rotate Left Analog Stick+B (Circle)- Gap Crosser (Mirfeine Only)

Y (Triangle)- Heavy Attack

(Hold) Y (Hold Triangle)- Charged Attack

(Release Y) (Release Triangle)- Side Kick (Unarmed Only)

(Release Y) (Release Triangle)- Shockwave Slash (Tournesol Only)

(Release Y) (Release Triangle)- Elemental Arrow (Zalexia Only)

(Release Y) (Release Triangle)- Bubble Shield (Gellostis Only)

(Release Y) (Release Triangle)- Cyclone (Mirfeine Only)

B (Circle)- Medium Attack

(Note: Dawn has 5 different grabs, each with their own light and heavy attacks, depending on which weapon she has in hand. Light attacks allows up to 5 hits before the enemy breaks free while Heavy attacks can only be used once per grab due to them knocking the enemy away. Also, while Dawn can grab most enemies, she cannot grab every enemy in the game. Enemies that are attached to the wall, like a wall-mounted sentry gun for example, cannot be grabbed & thrown. However, she can grab them and rip them off the wall, floor, or ceiling they're on. Most of the bosses can't be grabbed or thrown either, but there are some exceptions to this rule, which is mostly the human bosses since they logically wouldn't weigh much compared to the heavy combat machines that Dawn can throw around, like tanks or mechs)

(Note 2: All 5 also have their own unique grab animation. Unarmed has Dawn physically grab her enemy, Tournesol has her stab the scythe into them and then pull them towards her, Zalexia has Dawn fire a rope arrow to pull her opponent towards her, Gellostis uses it's telekinesis ability to grab foes, and Mirfeine is lashed around them before dragging them across the ground to Dawn)

(Hold) B (Hold Circle)- Grab

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) X (Square)- Punch (Unarmed)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) Y (Triangle)- Roundhouse Kick (Unarmed)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) X (Square)- Stab (Tournesol)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) Y (Triangle)- Pommel Strike (Tournesol)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) X (Square)- Arrow Shank (Zalexia)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) Y (Triangle)- Bow Slam (Zalexia)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) X (Square)- Shock (Gellostis)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) Y (Triangle)- Levitation Slam (Gellostis)

(Note: Mirfeine's grab leaves the foe on the ground in front of Dawn, so it's grab attacks are ground-based)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) X (Square)- Stomp (Mirfeine)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) Y (Triangle)- Leaping Stomp (Mirfeine)

(Note: The toss ability is universal across all 5 grabs, all that changes is how the foe is thrown)

(While Enemy Is Grabbed) B (Circle)- Toss (Direction can be influenced by moving the left analog stick)

(While Crouching) X (Square)- Sweep (Universal)

(While Crouching) Y (Triangle)- Rising Kick (Universal)

(While Crouching) B (Circle)- Nut Punch (Universal)

Digital Pad- Switch Weapon (Neutral for Unarmed, Up for Tournesol, Left for Zalexia, Right for Gellostis, & Down for Mirfeine)

(While Selecting Weapon) Digital Pad- Weapon Effects (EG: Press Left after selecting Zalexia to switch to Rope Arrows, hit it again for Fire Arrows, then another Left will switch it to Bomb Arrows and so on so forth)

LB (L1)- Demonic Senses (Used to lock on to the target)

(While Locked On) X (Square)- Knuckle Sandwich (Unarmed Only)

(While Locked On) Y (Triangle)- Charged Kick (Unarmed Only)

(While Locked On) B (Circle)- Jumping Elbow (Unarmed Only)

(While Locked On) X (Square)- Vertical Slice (Tournesol Only)

(While Locked On) Y (Triangle)- Charged Slice (Tournesol Only)

(While Locked On) B (Circle)- Jumping Slice (Tournesol Only)

(While Locked On) X (Square)- Electric Arrow (Zalexia Only)

(While Locked On) Y (Triangle)- Charged Shot (Zalexia Only)

(While Locked On) B (Circle)- Jumping Shot (Zalexia Only)

(While Locked On) X (Square)- Spell Wave (Gellostis Only)

(While Locked On) Y (Triangle)- Charged Spell (Gellostis Only)

(While Locked On) B (Circle)- Jumping Spell (Gellostis Only)

(While Locked On) X (Square)- Extending Whiplash (Mirfeine Only)

(While Locked On) Y (Triangle)- Charged Whiplash (Mirfeine Only)

(While Locked On) B (Circle)- Jumping Whiplash (Mirfeine Only)

RB (R1)- Powers

(Hold) RB (Hold R1)- Switch Powers (Brings up a wheel you can scroll through for the power you want)

LT (L2)- Use Throwing Weapon

(Hold) LT (Hold L2)- Switch Throwing Weapon (Lists ones you've unlocked and gives you an ammo count for each type so you know how many you have left)

RT (R2)- Block (Holding it for a few seconds will make it a stronger Power Block)

(While Blocking) Left Analog Stick+A (X)- Dodge Roll (The direction pressed is the direction she'll move)

LT+RT (L2+R2)- Activate Gears (Must fill GP gauge first)

(While Dashing) X (Square)- Dash Attack

(While Dashing) Y (Triangle)- Corkscrew Spin (Let's Dawn go over low barriers that have an overhang preventing jumps, can be used to attack)

(While Dashing) B (Circle)- Teleport Dash (Let's Dawn teleport through any thin or transparent barriers, like a thin wall or forcefields, can be used to attack)

(While Dashing Towards Enemy About to Attack) (Hold) LB (Hold L1)- Limbo Dodge

(While Blocking + Enemy About to Attack) Left Analog Stick + X (Square)- Feint

(After Using Feint) Rotate Left Analog Stick + X (Square)- Parry

(After Using Parry) X (Square)- Counterattack

(While Blocking + Enemy About to Attack) Y (Triangle)- Counter

(While Blocking + Enemy About to Attack) B (Circle)- Disarm



Game Options


Peaceful (Easy)

Bad Time (Neutral)

Dawn Must Die (Hard)

(Note: Dark Souls difficulty is unlocked by beating the story on Dawn Must Die)

Dark Souls (Expert)


Video Options


Audio Options


Playstyle Modes

Exploration Mode

The main mode of the game, used to explore the levels of the entire game. The mode you'll spend the most time in by a rather big margin too, depending on your playstyle. There aren't really any advantages to this mode, anything you can do here can be done in Combat Mode and most of it can be done in Stealth Mode, albeit a lot more subtle and quiet because stealth. (EG: Dawn actually makes less noise when she lands after jumping or falling in Stealth Mode) This mode would best be known as the mode where Dawn is capable of extreme speed & acrobatics and the mode where you'll be most likely to utilize her jumps, gliding, climbing, gap jumping, sliding, dashing, and beacon-showing abilities. This is also the most open-ended of the 3 modes by far, it gives you a helluva lot of control over what Dawn can do. You'll want to use this mode during the kinda-rare platforming sections of the game too, since the camera is at it's absolute best here. Otherwise, this mode is usually outshined by both the Stealth Mode & the Combat Mode.

Stealth Mode

Depending on your playstyle, this could be the mode for you to use for most of the game. Stealth Mode has the advantages of being the most subtle of the 3 modes and is the only one to feature stealth kills, most of which are cool-looking and are also pretty badass to take out an opponent with. Now, the disadvantage of Stealth Mode is that since Dawn's sneaking around trying to not make noise, she's much slower in both movement and attack speed. However, the multiple varieties of stealth kills in the game help alleviate how slow Dawn moves in comparison to the other 2 modes. However, truth be told, even in Stealth Mode, Dawn is still okay in terms of speed, she isn't terribly slow, just not as fast as Combat Mode or especially Exploration Mode. It's also worth noting that sometimes during a level that you'll automatically be put in Stealth Mode in order to remain hidden. Now, being detected in those levels won't make you automatically fail and have to start over, but it WILL force you to battle a ton of enemies depending on the level.

Combat Mode

The mode that makes Dawn an instrument of violence. While I've encouraged you thus far to use all modes in conjunction with one another to get the best experience of what the game has to offer, this mode is the best out of the 3. It allows you to explore just like the Exploration Mode, but you probably aren't going to be jumping as much in most situations. It also doesn't limit Dawn's speed as much as the Stealth Mode either. Granted, you can't perform the extreme acrobatics from Exploration or the Stealth Kills from Stealth in this mode, but the combos, especially the advanced ones, help make up for that. All in all, this will most likely be your favorite mode once you've seen all of the stealth kills, since Dawn has such a huge variety of attacks in this mode that really allow her to bring the pain to her enemies. Once you earn most of the combat upgrades, most of the battles you'll face in the game become jokes in comparison to what they'd be without those upgrades. And don't even get me started on Dawn's Gears, they destroy all who dare to oppose her with relative ease, even most of the bosses don't last very long against her in any of those states.


(Note: Here's what the endings mean: Starting= Dawn starts the game with this, they can be used from the tutorial and afterwards, Unlocked= Unlocked by gathering enough XP, which is earned by killing enemies, to earn an upgrade, & Upgraded= Upgraded from a previous upgrade by earning another upgrade from XP)

(Note 2: Every upgrade aside from those Dawn starts the game with require a certain level in order to become unlockable. This was done in order to balance the game a bit, so that players couldn't just get the overpowered upgrades at the start of the game and basically cheat their way through, you'll have to play fair for this one)

Personal Upgrades

(Note: The HP upgrades give Dawn a higher maximum HP with each one, her base amount is 1,000 HP)

HP Upgrade (Unlocked) (1,000 HP becomes 5,000 HP) (Level 5)

HP Upgrade II (Upgraded) (5,000 HP becomes 15,000 HP) (Level 25)

HP Upgrade III (Upgraded) (15,000 HP becomes 45,000 HP) (Level 50)

(Note: The MP upgrades give Dawn a higher maximum MP with each one, her base amount is 800 MP)

MP Upgrade (Unlocked) (800 MP becomes 3,000 MP) (Level 10)

MP Upgrade II (Upgraded) (3,000 MP becomes 10,000 MP) (Level 20)

MP Upgrade III (Upgraded) (10,000 MP becomes 40,000 MP) (Level 45)

(Note: The PP upgrades give Dawn a higher maximum PP with each one, allowing her to use her powers much more often without exhausting her supply, her base amount is 500 PP)

PP Upgrade (Unlocked) (500 PP becomes 4,000 PP) (Level 5)

PP Upgrade II (Upgraded) (4,000 PP becomes 10,000 PP) (Level 15)

PP Upgrade III (Upgraded) (10,000 PP becomes 35,000 PP) (Level 30)

XP Boost X2 (Unlocked) (Level 15)

XP Boost X5 (Upgraded) (Level 45)

XP Boost X10 (Upgraded) (Level 70)

GP Boost X2 (Unlocked) (Level 20)

GP Boost X5 (Upgraded) (Level 45)

GP Boost X10 (Upgraded) (Level 70)

(Note: Every single one of the gears make Dawn much more powerful overall, she gets stronger, faster, more resistant to ALL forms of damage, jumps higher, and starts dealing vicious amounts of damage)

Demonic Gear (Starting) (Multiplies her stats by 10 times)

High Demonic Gear (Upgraded) (Multiplies her stats by 50 times) (Level 20)

Demonic Lord Gear (Upgraded) (Multiplies her stats by 200 times) (Level 45)

Demonic General Gear (Upgraded) (Multiplies her stats by 500 times) (Level 70)

Royal Demon Gear (Upgraded) (Multiplies her stats by 1,000 times) (Level 100)

Movement Upgrades

Double Jumps (Unlocked, Mandatory First Upgrade)

Triple Jumps (Upgraded) (Level 1)

Long Jumps (Starting)

Slide (Starting)

Backwards Somersault (Starting)

(Note: The Speed Upgrades allow Dawn to become even more quicker than she normally is)

Speed Upgrade (Unlocked) (Level 5)

Speed Upgrade II (Upgraded) (Level 15)

Speed Upgrade III (Upgraded) (Level 45)

(Note: The Jump Height Upgrades allows Dawn to jump much higher than she normally can)

Jump Height Upgrade (Unlocked) (Level 5)

Jump Height Upgrade II (Upgraded) (Level 10)

Jump Height Upgrade III (Upgraded) (Level 20)

Stone Climbing (Unlocked) (Level 5)

Ice Climbing (Upgraded) (Level 10)

Glide (Starting)

Power Glide (Upgraded) (Level 20)

Dive-Bomb (Unlocked) (Level 10)

Stealth Upgrades

(Note: The Noise Reduction upgrades make Dawn more quiet when she moves in sneak mode)

Noise Reduction (Unlocked) (Level 5)

Noise Reduction II (Upgraded) (Level 20)

Noise Reduction III (Upgraded) (Level 50)

Silent Stealth Kills (Unlocked) (Level 10)

Combat Upgrades

(Note: Strength helps Dawn overpower the stronger enemies of the game, making the QTEs against them much easier. They also allow Dawn to grab and toss larger-sized enemies)

Strength Upgrade (Unlocked) (Allows Dawn to grab & throw giant enemies) (Level 10)

Strength Upgrade II (Upgraded) (Allows Dawn to grab & throw massive enemies) (Level 40)

Strength Upgrade III (Upgraded) (Allows Dawn to grab & throw even titanic enemies) (Level 65)

(Note: Attack is Dawn's actual attack power, getting these upgrades will allow her to slice through her enemies even quicker than before)

Attack Upgrade (Unlocked) (Level 10)

Attack Upgrade II (Upgraded) (Level 30)

Attack Upgrade III (Upgraded) (Level 60)

(Note: Durability is Dawn's natural resistance towards taking damage, getting these upgrades will allow her to shrug off wounds & stuns much easier, and in turn will allow her to start healing much faster)

Durability Upgrade (Unlocked) (Level 10)

Durability Upgrade II (Upgraded) (Level 30)

Durability Upgrade III (Upgraded) (Level 60)

(Note: Defense is Dawn's armor's defense towards physical damage, getting these upgrades will lessen the damage Dawn takes from all physical attacks. These are extremely helpful on Hard or Expert difficulty)

Defense Upgrade (Unlocked) (Level 10)

Defense Upgrade II (Upgraded) (Level 30)

Defense Upgrade III (Upgraded) (Level 60)

(Note: The pouch upgrades allow Dawn to carry more & more throwing weapons such as her shurikens, grenades, bolas, etc. Her base limit she can carry per throwing weapon is 15)

Throwing Pouch Upgrade (Unlocked) (Upgrades from 15 to 45) (Level 10)

Throwing Pouch Upgrade II (Upgraded) (Upgrades from 45 to 70) (Level 30)

Throwing Pouch Upgrade III (Upgraded) (Upgrades from 70 to 100) (Level 50)

Throwing Pouch Upgrade Infinite (Upgraded) (Upgrades from 100 to Infinite) (Level 75)

(Note: The Light, Medium, & Heavy Armor upgrades make Dawn much more resistant to physical & armor-piercing attacks, the kinds that most conventional weapons utilize)

Light Armor (Unlocked) (Level 20)

Medium Armor (Upgraded) (Level 50)

Heavy Armor (Upgraded) (Level 70)

(Note: Magic Resistance makes Dawn more resistant to magical attacks, allowing her to shrug them off a lot easier than before. Magic Immunity makes Dawn completely immune to magical attacks)

Magic Resistance (Unlocked) (Level 25)

Magic Immunity (Upgraded) (Level 70)

(Note: Elemental Resistance makes Dawn more resistant to elemental attacks, allowing her to shrug them off with much more ease. Elemental Immunity makes Dawn completely immune to all elemental damage)

(Note 2: Even without these upgrades, Dawn is resistant is all fire-based attacks due to her demonic blood. She'll take practically no damage from any form of fire, even magic fire or hellfire won't harm her much)

Elemental Resistance (Unlocked) (Level 25)

Elemental Immunity (Upgraded) (Level 70)

(Note: Spiked Armor deals 50% of physical damage back to the opponent, Reflective Armor reflects 50% of magical damage back at the enemy who cast it, and Elemental Armor repels 50% of elemental damage back to the opponent. These 3 upgrades are essential if you want to survive the hardest difficulty)

(Note 2: If you stack all 3 of these with Heavy Armor, Magic Immunity, & Elemental Immunity, you'll reflect 50% of physical, magical, & elemental damage back while still being immune to magical & elemental attacks and very resistant to physical attacks. In other words, the only way you could possible die is from physical damage, which you're reflecting 50% of and taking very little damage from otherwise. You'll need this for the Expert difficulty, especially near the mid-point of the game and onward)

Spiked Armor (Unlocked) (Level 50)

Reflective Armor (Unlocked) (Level 50)

Elemental Armor (Unlocked) (Level 50)

Weapon Upgrades

(Note: Dawn's weapons also gain levels the more she uses them. Unlike normal levels, these aren't earned via XP. Weapon levels are earned by killing a certain amount of enemies with said weapon. As a side note, all weapons cap at Level 20)

(Note 2: Dawn's unarmed weapon has no upgrades, so there's really no reason to level it up unless you really want to just beat the hell out of enemies with Dawn's fists and feet. Granted, it will become stronger with every level it gains, which may make it somewhat useful if you want to try a "mercy route")


Fiery (Starting)

Electric (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Piercing (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Throw (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)

Perfect Deflect (Unlocked, Unlocked for All Weapons Once Obtained) (Weapon Level 20)


Scope (Starting)

Sniper's Scope (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)

Rope Arrows (Starting)

Fire Arrows (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Bomb Arrows (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Poison Arrows (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Double Arrows (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Triple Arrows (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 20)


Flames (Starting)

Frost (Starting)

Shock (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Breeze (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Stone (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Wave (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Shine (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)

Penumbra (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)

Ultima (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 20)


Electric (Starting)

Fiery (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Bladed (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Explosive (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 20)

Throwing Weapons

(Note: All of the throwing weapons share their levels, so using ANY of them will increase your level for all of them. However, there is a different challenge in maxing out this one's weapon levels, you'll need to kill a lot of enemies using these throwing weapons, which are generally weaker than all of Dawn's other weapons. In other words, it's only one line you'll have to level up until it reaches 10, but you're going to have to suffer through it for a while before you unlock the cooler throwing weapons)


Frag Grenade (Starting)

Flashbang (Starting)

Sticky Grenade (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

EMP Grenade (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Plasma Grenade (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 20)

Implosive (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)



Shuriken (Starting)

Twin Shuriken (Upgraded, Uses 2) (Weapon Level 10)

Multiple Shuriken (Upgraded, Uses 3) (Weapon Level 20)

Fiery Shuriken (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Electric Shuriken (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Bomb Shuriken (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Giant Shuriken (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)



Bola (Starting)

Freezing Bola (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)

Electric Bola (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Drugging Bola (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 20)



Timed Mine (Starting)

Proximity Mine (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Remote Mine (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)

Bouncing Betty (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Laser Betty (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 20)


Darts/Throwing Knives

Lawn Dart (Starting)

Throwing Knives (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 20)

Sleep Dart/Knife (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Poison Dart/Knife (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Berserk Dart/Knife (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)



Fuse Bomb (Starting)

Pipe Bomb (Starting)

Firebomb (Starting)

Napalm Bomb (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 10)

Smoke Bomb (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 5)

Mini-Nuclear Bomb (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 20)


Wooden Tip (Starting)

Stone Tip (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 10)

Metal Tip (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 20)

Fiery (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Electric (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)


Wooden Axehead (Starting)

Stone Axehead (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 10)

Metal Axehead (Upgraded) (Weapon Level 20)

Fiery (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Electric (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 10)

Gigantic (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)


Fiery (Starting)

Electric (Starting)

Bladed Boomerang (Unlocked) (Weapon Level 15)

Twin Boomerangs (Unlocked, Uses 2) (Weapon Level 10)

Triplet Boomerangs (Upgraded, Uses 3) (Weapon Level 20)

Powers & Upgrades

Infernokinesis (Starting)

White Flames (Upgraded) (Level 20)

Hydrokinesis (Starting)

Boiling Water (Upgraded) (Level 20)

Electrokinesis (Starting)

Black Lightning (Upgraded) (Level 20)

Regeneration (Starting)

Master Regeneration (Upgraded) (Level 20)

Ultimate Regeneration (Upgraded) (Level 50)

Teleport (Starting)

Mass Teleportation (Upgraded) (Level 30)

Invisibility (Unlocked) (Level 10)

Clone (Unlocked) (Level 10)

Twin Clones (Upgraded) (Level 30)

Triplet Clones (Upgraded) (Level 50)

Precognition (Unlocked) (Level 30)

Slow Time (Unlocked) (Level 40)

Stop Time (Upgraded) (Level 80)


Story Missions



Level 1: ???


Level 2: ???


Level 3: ???


Level 4: ???


Level 5: ???


Level 6: ???


Level 7: ???


Level 8: ???


Level 9: ???


Level 10: ???


Optional Missions



Enemy Drops

HP Orbs (Restores Dawn's health) (Red)

MP Orbs (Restores Dawn's magic) (Green)

PP Orbs (Restores Dawn's powers) (Yellow)

XP Orbs (Used to unlock upgrades once you acquire enough to fill the XP gauge) (Blue)

GP Orbs (Used to fill the Gear Gauge, which allows Dawn to use her Gears when filled) (Purple)


Hidden Items



Author's Note

"What you are about to read is most likely my largest work I've ever attempted". "Not only my largest work, but possibly even my best work as well". "As tempting as it may be, do not try to rush through this game". "This game is best experienced by immersing yourself into each mission like you're trying to be a super secret spy, or at least for the first half of the game". "The second half of this game is a little bit different from what you'll be used to from the first, but it is easily adaptable". "Your choice of difficulty does affect the game in certain ways, which you will see very much of on your 2nd playthrough if you choose a higher difficulty". "For this walkthrough, you will be seeing every mission as it appears in Normal Mode". "Easy Mode is easy enough for beginners to where a walkthrough isn't needed for most players, and I personally advise you to not try Hard Mode for your first time, that WILL ruin your entire day as well as your experience with the game". "Before we begin, I must leave 2 warnings here". "Warning #1, Spoilers will be in this section, for those who want to avoid them, avoid this entire section". "Warning #2, and this one goes out more to parents & guardians, please don't let your children watch or play this game unless they're 13 years old at the very least, but preferably they're 16 or older". "With all of that said, welcome to Hellspawned"!





Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



Level 8



Level 9



Level 10



(Note: This section will be the actual game in detail, & the "???"'s are all going to be the names of the levels)



Simple Combos

(Note: These only use the Light & Heavy buttons and are all only 3 button inputs)


X, X, X (Square X3)- Triple Punches

Y, Y, Y (Triangle X3)- Triple Kicks

X, Y, X (Square, Triangle, Square)- Slap

Y, X, Y (Triangle, Square, Triangle)- Elbow Smash

X, X, Y (Square X2, Triangle)- Uppercut

Y, Y, X (Triangle X2, Square)- Backhand

X, Y, Y (Square, Triangle X2)- Back Kick

Y, X, X (Triangle, Square X2)- Chop


X, X, X (Square X3)- Triple Slashes

Y, Y, Y (Triangle X3)- Heavy Hail

X, Y, X (Square, Triangle, Square)- Knockback

Y, X, Y (Triangle, Square, Triangle)- Jumping Swipe

X, X, Y (Square X2, Triangle)- Upper-Cut

Y, Y, X (Triangle X2, Square)- Stunning Blow

X, Y, Y (Square, Triangle X2)- Spinning Slice

Y, X, X (Triangle, Square X2)- Quick Attack


X, X, X (Square X3)- Triple Shot (Ranged)

Y, Y, Y (Triangle X3)- Bow Slam (Melee)

X, Y, X (Square, Triangle, Square)- Super Shot (Ranged)

Y, X, Y (Triangle, Square, Triangle)- Jumping Shot (Ranged)

X, X, Y (Square X2, Triangle)- Arrow-Cut (Melee)

Y, Y, X (Triangle X2, Square)- Stun Arrow (Melee)

X, Y, Y (Square, Triangle X2)- Power Arrow (Melee)

Y, X, X (Triangle, Square X2)- Quick Shots (Ranged)


X, X, X (Square X3)- Triple Whacks

Y, Y, Y (Triangle X3)- Elemental Whacks

X, Y, X (Square, Triangle, Square)- Stave Jab

Y, X, Y (Triangle, Square, Triangle)- Elemental Slam

X, X, Y (Square X2, Triangle)- Elemental Poke

Y, Y, X (Triangle X2, Square)- Leaping Whack

X, Y, Y (Square, Triangle X2)- Elemental Uppercut

Y, X, X (Triangle, Square X2)- Windmill Whack


X, X, X (Square X3)- Triple Lashes

Y, Y, Y (Triangle X3)- Heavy Lashes

X, Y, X (Square, Triangle, Square)- Soaring Lash

Y, X, Y (Triangle, Square, Triangle)- Somersault Lash

X, X, Y (Square X2, Triangle)- Whip Slam

Y, Y, X (Triangle X2, Square)- Whip Poke

X, Y, Y (Square, Triangle X2)- Ground Lash

Y, X, X (Triangle, Square X2)- Stunning Lash

Advanced Combos

(Note: These use the Light, Heavy, & Medium buttons and are 4-6 button inputs)












Non-Silent Kills




Sniper Arrow











Choke Slam


Combo Breaker

You Shall Not Pass


Silent Kills

Throat Slit


Break Neck

Choke Hold

Stave Choke

Bowstring Choke

Whip Choke


Jumping Kills

(Note: All jumping kills make noise)

Death From Above

Lightning Rod


Curb Stomp


Ledge Kills

(Note: All ledge kills make noise)

(Note 2: FL= From Ledge, NL= Near Ledge, some can be done from both, but will look a bit different)

Come Here (FL)

Toss (FL/NL)

Push (NL)

Pull Down (FL)

Leg Pull (FL)

Lynch (FL/NL)

Kick-Off (NL)

Neck Snap (NL)

Cutthroat (NL)


Double Kills

(Note: All double kills make noise)

Rise & Fall


Hidden Kills

(Note: All hidden kills are silent and are done from hiding places, which will be listed after the kill)

Bushwhacker (Bushes)

Hay Day (Haystacks)


Special Kills

(Note: These are for the non-human enemies that appear in the game, like giants and gorgons. I will list the enemy that the kill is done on, along with some details of the kill itself in parenthesis. These are activated by pressing B/Circle when prompted, usually when the enemy has been nearly defeated and is on it's last legs, to "finish them" in order to gain extra XP & GP)

Trenched (Tanks, Dawn grabs the turret of the tank and dodges a shell fired at her from point-blank distance before she twists the entire turret into a knot before grabbing it and lifting the tank into the air and tossing it. Using the left analog stick allows you to control the direction it's thrown in, which can be effectively used as a weapon against a group of enemies)

Mechanic-Kill (Mechs, Dawn climbs up the giant mech, stabbing holes in it the entire way to the top. Where she then leaps into the air above the mech and unleashes a superpowered kick that crashes down on the mech, smashing it's head in a little bit and forcing it's neck to look downward before Dawn lands on the ground beside it and lifts the entire massive thing up over her head and then slams it down on the ground, shattering it into pieces)

Hell-ipad (Helicopters, Dawn throws Mirfeine at the helicopter, latching onto it and pulling herself up to it. Where she then starts throwing the people off the vehicle before latching on to the rotors with Mirfeine and leaping off the copter, which pulls the rotors off. As Dawn lands on the ground, with Mirfeine still holding onto the rotor, she then swings Mirfeine at the falling helicopter, which releases the rotor, slicing the helicopter in half with it's own rotor and causing it to explode into pieces)

Gorgon Soloed (Gorgons, Dawn leaps on the fallen gorgon's back and ties her whip around it's mouth, using the gorgon as a makeshift horse and commanding it to turn enemies to stone by Dawn grabbing it's eyes and forcing them open towards the other enemies. The use of this varies a bit depending on where it's used & the enemies that it's used on. After about 10-20 seconds of joyriding, Dawn automatically ends it by slipping underneath the gorgon's head while it's still charging and stabbing Tournesol into it's neck before using Mirfeine to swing off of the gorgon, slashing it's throat open as she pulls Tournesol out of it's neck and lands on her feet)

Jet Fuel (Fighter Jets, Dawn runs towards the jet and leaps high into the air, where she lands on top of the jet and then slices the left power core down the middle. She then leaps to the other side of the jet and stabs the right power core, causing the jet to start to lose control & altitude. Dawn then runs across the jet towards the front and, as she's running, she cuts straight through the main power generator & then sticks Tournesol's blade through the glass of the cockpit as she runs by, slicing the unlucky pilot in half as Dawn dives off the jet and glides with the jet crashing behind her, with Dawn landing on the ground and the player regaining control of her)

Horned Helmet (Minotaurs, Dawn dashes towards the stunned minotaur and slices it across it's chest before leaping into the air above it and slicing one of it's horns off. Dawn then slices the minotaur across both legs before performing a backflip kick to it that that knocks it on it's back before Dawn grabs the severed horn and leaps into the air with it before crashing down with it to impale the minotaur through it's head with it's own horn. Dawn then grabs the other horn as well as the severed one sticking into the head and pulls up on both before she rips the head off for good measure. Dawn then tosses the head aside before the player regains control of her)


Target Kills

(Note: These will be revealed in the story, think of them as the unique, target-finishing, ones)



Dawn's Weapons

Tournesol (Scythe)

Zalexia (Bow)

Gellostis (Stave)

Mirfeine (Whip)

Thrown Weapons (Grenades, Shurikens, Bolas, Mines, Darts, Bombs, Javelins, Tomahawks, & Boomerangs)

Enemy Weapons

(Note: Most enemy weapons can be picked up and used during levels by Dawn. Most will act just like one of Dawn's own weapons, but there are a few that act differently and can be amusing)

(Note: Some weapons will drop as ammo for Dawn's Throwing Weapons if she doesn't have the maximum amount for one. This is the fastest way to regain your ammo, since the only other time it's restored is at the end of each level. Granted, once you get the Infinite Upgrade, this becomes pointless)


Twin Swords/Daggers (Can be used a substitute for the Ice Climbing upgrade until it's unlocked)


Spears/Javelins (Ammo)

Maces/War Hammers

Katanas (Can be sheathed and then used in a quick-draw slash that deals twice the amount of damage as a heavy attack, can also reflect bullets without the upgrade unlocked)

War Axes/Tomahawks (Ammo)

War Picks (Can be thrown like a tomahawk, where they get stuck in foes and deal bleeding damage to them)


Nunchakus (If Dawn is left idle while holding a pair of these, she'll start to spin them around in a show-off fashion, even directly mimicking Bruce Lee at times)

Bo Staves

Sais (If Dawn blocks a sword, dagger, greatsword, or katana's attack with this, she can actually snap the blade off and leave the wielder almost defenseless)

Rope Darts (If Dawn attempts a grab with this, she throws it forward and yells "Get over here"! If a foe is hit by this, Dawn will drag them forward, provided she has the needed Strength Upgrade)

Flails (Can be swung around overhead in order to devastate most foes in a matter of seconds)

Darts/Throwing Knives (Shared Ammo)

Shurikens (Ammo)

Bolas (Ammo)

Boomerangs (Ammo)


Lances/Halberds (Can be thrown like a javelin)


Grenades/Mines/Bombs (Ammo)


Sub-Machine Guns



Assault Rifles/Sniper Rifles

Rocket Launchers





(Note: This is where I'll eventually start listing the targets along with the level they're in)




(Note: Humans is the category for every normal thug in the entire game. Basically, if it's not an animal, being, or some kind of creature, it's a human. For Humans, it's pretty much the skill of the human that determines their placement, the higher-skilled Humans who have a lot of training put in and have fought for years would be much harder to take down than the grunts who've only been battling for like a week or two)






















(Note: Animals are natural animals like cats, Beasts are animistic creatures like werewolves. The worst you'll come across in terms of animals are the apex predators, like the big cats and bears. Beasts are a different story all together though, werewolves aren't all that bad compared to the the giant panthers or griffins you'll face. Beasts differ from Monsters & Creatures by being animal-like rather than the normal fantasy creatures like gorgons or ogres)






















(Note: Machines are any constructs that get in Dawn's way, ranging from the small, almost harmless, sentry drones, to manned vehicles like tanks, jets, & helicopters, to robots like cyborgs & androids to the massive creations of war like assault mechs)






















(Note: Monsters & Creatures are both believed to be imaginary, like Dragons, but exist inside this game like they're actually real. What separates these from Beasts is that Beasts are typically animals that have become much more larger and feral then normal Animals while Monsters & Creatures are usually more fantasy-esque things, like a minotaur or hydra. These range from small, almost harmless, creatures like fairies, to massive, extremely dangerous, creatures like the aforementioned dragon)






















(Note: The Undead are anything that should be dead that somehow isn't. Examples include zombies, ghosts, skeletons, & vampires. Out of all of these, vampires are usually the strongest due to some of them having great magical powers gained from their immortal lifespans. That being said, there are indeed powerful ghosts as well, and there are some troublesome zombies & skeletons to watch for)






















(Note: Divines is the broad category for all higher-tier beings like angels, demons, fallen angels, and Gods. It is important to note that, while angels, demons, & fallen angels are all relatively the same in terms of overall strength, Gods are usually more powerful)





















Joke Reels

(Note: All of these are done by pressing the context-sensitive button near certain objects inside an environment. These are mostly jokes and references and have very little practical use, but are worth some laughs every now and then)

Dawn Nukem (By interacting with a gumball machine, Dawn checks for change before realizing she has no money. She then shrugs her shoulders before busting the machine open and taking a handful of bubblegum out and eating all 4 of them at the same time before blowing a huge bubble until it pops. She then turns away from the machine before saying "I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and now I'm all out of bubblegum".)

You Are Terminated (By interacting with a pool of lava, Dawn will take out a camera and set it up facing the lava on a timer. She then jumps into the pool of lava and then raises her right hand out of the lava and gives the world-famous Terminator thumbs-up, which the camera captures before she swims out and checks the picture, which she decides to keep. She then tosses the camera into the pool of lava before turning and walking away from it while saying "Hasta la vista".)



(Note: Since I am unable to create my own music for this game, I will be using tracks from other games and TV shows, as well as actual songs for this game. In other words, no song listed here is mine)

(Note 2: I will add links here to videos for each song, rather than have to add like 100 videos to this page)

Menu Themes

001: Main Menu- ???

002: File Select- ???

003: Difficulty Select- ???

004: Save Screen- ???

006: Options Menu- ???

007: Upgrades Menu- ???

008: Mission Select- ???

Story/Level Themes

009: Opening Theme- ???

010: Tutorial Theme- ???

011: Tutorial Battle Theme- ???

012: Level 1 Theme- ???

013: Level 1 Battle Theme- ???

014: Level 2 Theme- ???

015: Level 2 Battle Theme- ???

016: Level 3 Theme- ???

017: Level 3 Battle Theme- ???

018: Level 4 Theme- ???

019: Level 4 Battle Theme- ???

020: Level 5 Theme- ???

021: Level 5 Battle Theme- ???

022: Level 6 Theme- ???

023: Level 6 Battle Theme- ???

024: Level 7 Theme- ???

025: Level 7 Battle Theme- ???

026: Level 8 Theme- ???

027: Level 8 Battle Theme- ???

028: Level 9 Theme- ???

029: Level 9 Battle Theme- ???

030: Level 10 Theme- ???

031: Level 10 Battle Theme- ???


Boss Themes

Tutorial Boss Theme- ???

Level 1 Boss Theme- ???

Level 2 Boss Theme- ???

Level 3 Boss Theme- ???

Level 4 Boss Theme- ???

Level 5 Boss Theme- ???


Miscellaneous Themes

Saving Jingle- ???

Mission Briefing- ???

Game Over- ???

Continue- ???

Give Up- ???




Out Of Hell- Complete the Tutorial Level



Assassination- Perform a stealth kill

Silent Assassination- Perform a silent stealth kill

Dropping In- Perform a jumping stealth kill

Over The Edge- Perform a ledge stealth kill

From The Shadows- Perform a hidden stealth kill

And One For You Too!- Perform a double stealth kill

Very Satisfying...- Perform a special kill

Metal Gear non-Solid- Destroy a mech using the special kill

GET TO THE CHOPPA!- Destroy a helicopter using the special kill

Assassin- Perform 100 stealth kills

Sneaky Assassin- Perform 1,000 stealth kills

Ninja- Perform 5,000 stealth kills

Master Assassin- Perform 20,000 stealth kills

Shadow Empress- Perform 50,000 stealth kills

Cloak of Darkness- Complete a level using Sneak Mode without being detected

I Am The Night!- Complete a level on Expert using Sneak Mode without being detected



Combo Mistress- Complete all Simple Combos at least once

Combo Empress- Complete all Advanced Combos at least once

Dangerous Girl- Kill 500 enemies

Deadly Chick- Kill 2,000 enemies

Lethal Weapon- Kill 10,000 enemies

Femme Fatal- Kill 50,000 enemies

Devilish Destroyer- Kill 100,000 enemies

Unholy Maiden- Kill 500,000 enemies

Queen of Hell- Kill 2 million enemies





Eggbeater- Find every Easter Egg in the game (Good Luck)


Tips, Tricks, & Treats


Stealth Tips

Use the darkness to your advantage

Silence is much better in the long run

Flashlights & spotlights equal light

Use your environment to your advantage

Broken alarms yield no reinforcements

Thunder is louder than your feet


Combat Tips

Strike fast & often

Don't forget your combos or abilities

Powers exist for a reason

Why get hit when you can dodge

Use the environment as a weapon

Some weapons work better on certain foes



Cheat Codes

(Note: Cheat Codes are entered on the options menu inside the cheats section, and they can be entered at any point during the game at the cost of disabling achievements/trophies.)

(Note 2: To activate the cheats, all you have to do is just type in the password for the cheats when you enter the cheats section of the options menu. Have fun using these to really fuck with your enemies & friends)


IMMORTAL- Infinite HP (Note: You still get stunned from damage though)



TOOLAZY- All Upgrades

OVERPOWERED- Weak Enemies (AKA 1-Hit Kill Mode)

CHALLENGE- Strong Enemies (AKA Dawn Must Die Mode)

RAISEHELL- Berserk Mode (Dawn has 500 times the attack power at the start of the game)

MOONPHYS- Moon Physics (Less Gravity, you jump higher and fall slower)

SUKRPUNC- Sly's Cane (Replaces Tournesol as a weapon, input the code again to turn it off)

(Note: All of Dawn's other outfits, once the codes are inputted, can be toggled in the options menu)

REDDISH- Alternate Attire #1 (I'll add a description of this one to her page later)

ORANGE- Alternate Attire #2 (I'll add a description of this one to her page later too)

YELLOW- Casual Attire (The same one I described on her page, it's her casual wear)

SCARLET- Hell Knight Attire (Dawn gets armor that makes her look twice as big, but doesn't slow her down)

CRIMSON- Grim Reaper Attire (Dawn gets the Reaper's Armor & Tournesol becomes the Reaper's Scythe)





Easter Eggs/References

If you play the game on Expert Mode, the lines at the end of the opening will change to spoof that of another game's known as Bad Dudes, where the last line of the opening was the rather famous line of "Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President"? In Hellspawned, the line is spoofed as "Are you a bad enough person to beat this game on Expert"? (In case you're wondering, I changed my original idea of putting up the original text and just crossing words out and drawing over them to just referencing it like this out of respect for the game & it's developers)

If you find a secret inside of a level, Dawn will comment on it with such statements as "Wonder why the Hell this is here"?, "And they said there weren't any Easter eggs here, yeah right"., "Chalk one up for the Easter basket"!, "That makes another dozen to add to my shelf"., "I hope these eggs don't go bad before I find em all"., "Now I can make an omelet"!, "Who the Hell put that here"?, "I wonder if I can paint this one"?, "I don't think even I could manage to throw one of these at a house"., "Ha, eggnog"!, "Humpty Dumpty sure would be proud of me"!, "How's that for a sunny side up"?, "Now I just have to find the yolk"., & several other statements.

If you have Dawn stand in an idle position for about 5 minutes, she'll actually pull out a book while saying "I guess I'd better get some more reading done". After that, just keep listening, Dawn will start naming some rather strange or obvious, but also true, facts about various topics, even the very game she's in. However, I should note that some of these aren't appropriate for all audiences, so you may want to be mindful of who's in your room when you try to listen to these.